Sunday, January 10, 2010

A walk in the woods on Saturday

I know that many of you out there are in a deep freeze or covered with hundreds of feet of snow - so I hope that I don't upset anyone when I share with you photos and stories of our Saturday walk in the woods. Around our neighborhood, we still have some undeveloped land; one reason is because of an army base being nearby and some of this undeveloped area is used for their training drills (that area is fenced off). And some of the area has been deemed a park or a nature reserve. Anyway, wintertime in Northern California typically means cooler weather (low 30s in the morning and mid-50s in the afternoon) and rain...and lots of fog. We have been talking about taking a "fog" walk through the woods, but we didn't get outside yesterday until 9:30am and most of the fog had lifted by then. But we had a great time exploring the area... I hope that you enjoy our walk and maybe, just maybe it will give you hope that spring is on its way to you.

Our Walk in the Woods

Because of all the rain we had, the wild mushrooms were well as the moss and other fungi that grows on the ground and the trees. And the grass and floor covering was so green, you can almost say that it "hurt yours eyes". What I enjoy in a situation like this is when the grass is so green, there really is a contrast between the green of the vegetation and the brown/gray of the leafless trees.

There was a little spring or creek that had some water running. There is nothing better than listening to nature...hearing the "babbling" of a brook as it runs through its trail it has created in the woods, as well as the 
call of all the birds.

Getting out and exploring was good for the boys. Lets them get out in nature, explore the holes dug into the earth (who could live in those? our neighborhood skunk? maybe a racoon? or could it be a mountain lion?). It also provides challenges - like getting over the babbling brook without getting wet or climbing an old oak tree.

Robert and Matthew really had a good time. Matthew had made this nature walk with DH while Robert and I were at one of his hockey tournaments, so Matthew was our nature guide; and he did do a great job of leading us through the trails, pointing out some neat sights and making sure that we took the correct paths down the hills so that we could go down by the stream without breaking our necks.

Well, thank you for visiting. I hope that you enjoyed our walk - hopefully you were able to do it from the warmth of your house and you didn't get water in your shoes and chilled fingers like we did. Oh, here is one more picture in endure...Matthew and I (remember it was an early morning walk for I'm looking like I just got out of bedBlushy Girl)

Have a wonderful Sunday...until next time, remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often (hopefully I can do some of the later activity today)!


stitcheranon said...

It is nice to see some green? Thank you for sharing!

Sheree said...

great walk in the woods i enjoyed it as it has not been above 50 here in 2 days, where are our 70's

Angela said...

Lisa, what a wonderful walk! I enjoyed seeing the greenery and your pics of the kids and one of you too :) It's been especially chilly here but we only have a dusting of snow so far on the ground!

DaisyGirl said...

I wish it was warmer here. I don't mind the snow, it's the bitter cold I hate. I wouldn't do well up north would I? hahaha
I need to bookmark you, so I can keep up with your crew. Your son looks very handsome with his glasses. My older son was around his age when he started wearing glasses.
Have a great week!

Carolyn NC said...

Great pictures!!

Janaina said...

Thanks for sharing those pics! Its almost like being there too!
Hugs from sunny Brazil! =)

Elaine said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, it is soooo nice to see some green.

Meari said...

Your boys look just like you!

Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm up to my eyeballs in snow, and it's nice to see green. :)