Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's thoughts...

My Tuesday started out very early when DH and Robert (older son) got home from the hockey tournament in Texas at 12:30am. Due to the weather in California, their plane was delayed 3.5 hours and had the stress of being stranded in Texas attached to it...but all is ok, as they did get home early this morning...to which I am grateful!!!

Robert's team managed to make it into the championship and won that game. This is their first championship win for the year. Congratulations to Robert and the San Jose Jr. Shark Bantam AAA team!...to which I am grateful!!!

The Winter Rain Storms are strong right now. As I am spinning on my stationary bike and updating my blog, I can hear the waves of rain hit the front window. Being somewhat near the ocean our storms literally come in waves (like the waves of an ocean). While it is a mess to get around town in, it will definitely add to our moisture and will help keep down the number of fires we could have during the summer dry months...to which I am grateful!!!

I am sorry to report, but once again I don't have any snapshots of my stitching projects of finishes. However, I do have some news...I have totally finished my L*K Rnd 3 exchange and my January OSE (for Sharon). They have been photographed (which I will share as soon as I hear they have received them), they have been packed up, envelopes have been addressed and I should be able to put them in the mail today...to which I am grateful!!!

Today I woke up hearing the rain on my window, not really wanting to get out of my warm bed in order to get my spin in this morning...but I did and feel really good about it. In my email inbox was the latest edition of Living Life Fully's E-Zine. I get their daily emails and then their monthly notification of the E-Zine. Sometimes I read them and delete them...sometimes I find a reading that really "hits the spot" of what is going on with me at the moment...and sometimes I find a gem that I would like to share.

In this edition of Living Life Fully, there is an article on Committment vs. Attachment. Attachment: "is a reflex, an automatic response which often may not reflect our deepest good"....Committment: "is a conscious choice, to align ourselves with our most genuine values and our sense of purpose". Anyway, if this is something that interests you, click the link: Living Life Fully's e-Zine, and have a read.

And with that I will end this post for the day. For you, my friend, I am grateful that you took time out of your day to visit. May your day be blessed with my Love, Life, Laughter and Stitching!


Janaina said...

Now that is a post that made me smile. To wich I'm grateful! =)
Congrats to Robert!
Hugs from rainy Brazil.

Cole said...

Thank you Lisa for pointing me in the direction of that article, it was wonderful... to which I'm grateful as well :)

Daffycat said...

Whee! I'm looking forward to receiving it, Lisa!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Just caught up on your blog. I enjoyed reading all of the stitching and family news. Glad you had a peaceful and fun Holiday!

Windy Meadow

Barb said...

Thanks for the link to the website Lisa. Glad the hockey season is going well. My DH refereed 4 games on Sat. He is a little sore! Hopefully sunny skies will be here again.