Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time to pack up the Ark and get sailing...

Mrs. Noah, busy at work...after folding the laundry and storing it on board SS Arck, she grabs her clipboard and starts to check off all the animals...
2 giraffes (male/female)
2 alligators (male/female)
2 lions (male/female)
2 zebras (male/female)
2 elephants (male/female)
2 monkeys (male/female)
With all the animals accounted for it was time to set sail, for there was another storm on the horizon..."Noah, husband, time to get off that sofa and get on board."

Ok...not very nice, I know. But by the looks of the sky, we are in for another strong storm. After 2 on Sunday, 2 yesterday and one doozy that included thunder and hail this morning...I am getting tired of all this rain. I know, it is good in preparation for the dry summer as I mentioned the other day, but one gets tired of this dark, gloomy wet weather. is great stitching weather!

Take care everyone and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often (even if you have to do it under the umbrella)


Carolyn NC said...

You've definitely had your share of rain! Hope it ends soon.

Mary said...

I know what you mean about rain! I live in Long Beach, CA and I am ready to float away!

corinna said...

hi lisa
just catching up on reading your posts
be happy for the rain
even if you get a bit pruny

your picnic stitch is cute
as are your happy handsome boy
they really do grow faster and faster
and then you think wow time just flew by

happy stitching