Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sightseeing in Cold Quebec City

Today my son and his hockey team are staying with their billet families - each doing their own thing...I think my son & his teammate are going to watch their "billet brother" play in a hockey game. They emailed me the address of the rink, but I decided to get in a little sightseeing & shopping today. We are leaving here on Monday, so I needed to get some trinkets to take back with me for the rest of my family and some neighbors, who were kind enough to watch our dog while my whole family was out of town (DH and younger son were in Colorado springs over president's weekend for his hockey tournament). That is me in the photo in front of the Chateau Frontanac - one of the top hotels here in Quebec.
The city is beautiful. It has a lot of European charm with the old stone buildings, narrow cobblestone-like streets. It would be fun to come back here sometime when it is warmer, which would make sightseeing a little more appealling. I just don't care for this cold any more since moving from Minnesota to California over 5 years ago. I am looking to get back to the 70 degrees and shorts!
Well, back in my room to thaw out a little and get organized for Monday's departure...I think that I might take a little nap before we meet up with the team to go to the Legend's game this evening. The hockey game we are going tonight will have alot of NHL players who made it to the "big time" and played in the peewee tournament when they were 11-12 years old...hence, they are legends of the peewee tournament. After I rest up, I might even get a little more stitching done on my RR.

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