Monday, February 9, 2009

Out the door again...

Well, once again my stitching projects are packed up and my suitcase is ready to go...for tomorrow I will be heading out with Robert's hockey team to Quebec City. Fifteen pre-teens (11-13 year olds), 2 coaches, one other parent (who is a doctor) and I will be boarding a plane tomorrow morning. I have created a blog to journal this adventure - especially since many of the families will be sending their child to this 2 week tournament and they are staying home. For many, this is the first tournament that they will not be accompanying their child. I am going as the team manager - but it is still but pure choice as I do not have to go. The boys will be staying with different host families (2 players per Quebec family) I will technically not see my son. Since I am sure that I have written all of this, before, I will stop now.

Regarding stitching...I have finished stitching the white squares on the "Shoo-Fly" project (hopefully I will find a moment tomorrow evening to post a photo). I like the way it turned out and hope you will too...yes, I promise to post a photo soon. I have packed that project because I would like to create a black border around the design, which I believe will make it stand out even more. In addition to that project, I have filled my stitching bag with an old project (the boys skating outside - posted back in December) and a new one (the Friendship Sampler for my RR - first send is due at the end of February).

I know...I know...all this typing is boring - so I will stop right now and hope that I haven't bored you bad enough that you won't return. Let me get to Quebec and get settled, then I promise to get some photos posted!

Take care...remember to....Live, love and laugh ofter and stitch on...Lisa


Susan said...

Have a fun trip!

Wendy said...

Well, have fun on your trip!!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm not bored...

Have a fun trip and hopefully you will have lot's of pictures, stories, and stitching progress to share with us! :-)

Windy Meadow

Mich said...

Enjoy this tournement.

A 2 week tournement ... I could only dream of this when I played icehockey ;-))