Friday, February 20, 2009

Hanging in the Hotel

Hello from Quebec. It is our 11th day here. My son and his hockey team won their game yesterday, so they advance again and have a game this afternoon. The routine for the afternoon games has been to pick up the boys, who get dropped off by their host families, at the Pepsi Colisee and bring them back to the hotel we are staying so they can have some quiet time to do some homework and take a nap. There are 4 of us staying in the hotel (2 coaches, another parent and myself) - so we basically split up the boys between our rooms and let them curl up in the beds or couches. I have been blogging about this experience at if you are interested in reading.
Yesterday, after their game, most of the boys were able to go back to their host families; all except four of the boys. So the coaches decided that they would be able to handle the 4 remaining boys until 6:00pm, when they would be picked up - so they dropped me back off at the hotel. Which was nice, because I have come down with a nasty cough...I don't feel bad, but this cough is horrible. On Tuesday, I went to the snow park with the team and enjoyed snow tubing down these extremely big hills (I have never snow tubed and I don't like roller costers or heights...but I managed to go down these hills and had a good time)...but I think that I might have over done it and seemed to have caught a little chest virus or something. So, having the opportunity to hang at the hotel last night was nice. I caught up on a few things that needed to be done for the hockey team as well as got in a couple hours of fitness. A good workout and early to bed, is what the doctor ordered!

Also, between my relaxing afternoon yesterday and supervising the study halls, I have finally put my first stitches in my Friendship Sampler RR. This is my first RR - which I am excited about doing.
I am stitching on 32ct Creme Luguna. The pattern has a lot of hearts, which each of the others in the RR will stitch (and they will stitch their name or initials and the state). While I am planning to use the DMC colors the pattern names (even though they are mainly neutrals - olives, browns, greys, etc) I started the center heart with Needle Necessities Inc #189 (overdyed). I had this in my stash and thought that it was a great compliment to all the DMC colors called for in the pattern. Nevertheless, when I send out my RR, I will instruct each participant to feel free to be creative when they stitch the heart of their choice...keeping within the color scheme, but making their heart unique. I will try to get my portion done and ready to send out as soon as I get home on the 23rd of February.
Hope all who read is doing well. Take care! Lisa

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Wendy said...

Congrats on winning the game for your son!

That sure is a lovely picture of Quebec.

Nice work on your sampler too, good you can do some stitching!