Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back home - time to catch up on my RR

I am back home from Quebec...actually I got home late on Monday evening, but needed a day to catch up on laundry and other household things that DH and younger son did not really kept up with (not that I expected them to).
Now that I feel I am in "semi" control of those household tasks, I need to focus on finishing up my part in the Friendship Sampler RR that I am part of. The heart that I took a photo of a couple of postings ago, I am basically finished with...but I decided to do a couple of other hearts before sending it off. The first mailing is this Friday, so I have some work that needs to be done!
The big thing that I am worried about is the edges of the fabric. I don't have a sewing machine and I am not good at binding edges - so the worry regards the edges unraveling while it is being worked on by the other women & send around. I am thinking to see if any of the other members of this RR would take the time to help me with the edge problem...or would this request be an imposition? (feel free to comment).

I hope everyone is doing well and staying well, as I know the nasty flu is going around. We came back with several kids coming down with fevers & sore throats on the plane. My son and I started with the sore throat and cough early in the trip - so hopefully we are on the road to recovery!

Stay well...remember to Live, Love and Laugh...and stitch often! Lisa


saras said...

I'm hoping the same thing with my fabric! Surely one of us has a serger! :)

valerie said...

Ugh, I hate unraveling threads too. I always try to get my linen serged for that reason alone and I am not very good with a sewing machine. You could always put a thin strip of masking tape to cover the edges so they don't unravel and write a note for your RR friends asking if someone can serge the fabric, you'd appreciate it. The masking tape is ghetto but it does the trick. You just have to be very careful and slow when taking it off. Best to use tape with only a little tackyness versus super duper sticky tape. Ok, babbled enough...hope that makes sense. :)

Cindy F. said...

Lisa, I hope everyone is feel better soon.

If I don't have my piece surged @ the LNS, I use Fray Check. It is wonderful and I've used it for years! (liquid glue, but for fabrics)