Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friendship Sampler leaving home.

This is the Friendship Sampler by Carriage House that the RR group I am in is doing. Today was the deadline for the first mailing...which I am deliquent. Due to getting back home from Quebec and dealing with my cold/lack of energy and trying to get caught up with household stuff put me a little behind...but I finally finished my first heart(s) and my name/state. So, I will get it in the mail first thing tomorrow.

I have posted a photo of the hearts I did and will be sending on. Some of the group is doing their own color scheme - some liking a red theme, another doing a purple - I have decided to keep the DMC colors listed on this pattern, which are browns, greys, avocados and ecru. However, in my instructions I am giving each individual the freedom to either follow the pattern for the heart that they choose, or to make it unique...yet keeping with the neutral/earthy color scheme. As you see, I too have changed up the patten a little...playing with different floss & colors; but keeping within the color scheme. When the piece comes home, I plan on adding some pearl beads to the middle heart I stitched (where there are the cream spots) - and some other embellishments on the heart above. That is what I mean by making the heart unique.
What is fun, if things work out, I might actually meet some of the people who are part of this RR - due to some of the travels I will be doing with my son's hockey team. Next week is Seattle where they will be playing in the District Finals. If they win that, then it is Nationals in North Carolina in April. we say - one tournament and/or one game at a time.
Today was a nice day - not only outside here in Northern California (in the mid-60s and sunny) but nice because DH came home early and joined my younger son & I as we visited one of the California Missions. Studying missions is a big part of 4th grade curriculum. Some classes have to actually build a mission - that was one of our choices, but we chose visiting one and photographing it. He will then write a paper on the mission and create a story board with the photos he took. I felt that this was a better choice than building the mission, because these creations get so elaborate and expensive (I just didn't have the time and didn't want to spend the money on another school project). Going back to what I was really getting was nice to do a little family thing with DH since he and I haven't really had any time together in several months with all the hockey travel.
Well...hope everyone had a nice Friday. Remember to Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Kathy in Orange County California said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for your son's hockey team...this past weekend my nephew's team won the state tournament down here in Riverside - so next weekend (I think it's next weekend!) they play in Valencia for the regionals. (I think that's what they call this next step....if I understand it correctly, if they win in Valencia, they play in Pittsburg, PA), hockey, hockey! I did get to see his game on Saturday and he ended up scoring what turned out to be the game winning goal (and they were not only short-handed, they were down three men to five!).

Cindy F. said...

Lisa, I love your stitched hearts! Your floss choices are beautiful and your RR is going to be amazing!

Good luck to your son and his hockey team!!

Susan said...

I love the hearts you stitched! I can't wait to see progress pictures on this one!