Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hockey Update #2

Well, the Silver Sticks tournament is over and Matthew's team won the championship. The score was 4-3. They played strong through the first half of the game, for mid-second period the score was 4-0...then they seem to stop playing and was very close to loosing the game. This win means that they earn a spot in the Silver Stick finals which is in Sarnia Ontario (a couple of hours outside of Detriot on the Canadian side) in the middle of January. Uggg...I haven't been submitted to winter weather and freezing cold temperatures in over 5 years - since I moved from Minnesota. Oh, well - he is excited.

Well, the Thanksgiving break is over and tomorrow we start back into the routine - school for the boys and work for Steve and I. The week will bring some travel for Steve - to Atlanta for a board meeting and then to Las Vegas with Robert for their Silver Stick tournament. I will stay back with will be nice to have that time at home. He and I can work on getting the snowmen out and the tree up so that it will look festive in our house. Both boys are looking forward to tomorrow, when they can start opening their advent calendars.

It is 8:30pm here - the bewitching hour...or lights out time for the boys and maybe an opportunity to get a little stitching done while I wait for the laundry to finish drying.

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