Saturday, November 29, 2008

Past Projects

Ring Pillow #1 - Created for my sister. Stitched on 28ct, design from a JC magazine, used scraps of my bridesmaid's dress for the ruffle. (August 2006)
Ring Pillow #2 - made for a friend's daughter. Double heart design from the same JC magazine as the above ring pillow, but found a different design to use above. Matched the burgundy color of the bridemaids' dresses for the ruffle. (August 2007)
Thank You Book Cover - one of my favorite things to design/stitch is something for my child's teacher for Teacher Appreciation. For the last 10 years, I have been room parent of one, or both, of my sons' classrooms and there is always a Teacher Appreciation Week. Every year I coordinate a thank you book, which consists of a page from each of the kids in the class. They write either a poem or a thank you note and include a drawing. I get each of these laminated and then I bind them in book form, containing a cover which I have designed and stitched. Below is the one I created for my younger child's 3rd grade teacher last year.

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