Saturday, November 29, 2008

WIP and Hockey Update

Current WIP

Here is what I am working on right now. The design is called "Shoo Fly", from the collection of Connie's Quilts by Cross Stitch Destiny. I found it during one of my visits at my favorite store in Alameda, CA called Needle in a Haystack. Technically, the design is for one of these "Shoo Fly" patterns, but I have decided to repeat the design in difference color groups. The different stitches and the repeating pattern, makes for a nice project to take with me to the hockey rink.

I am stitching it on a piece of 28ct evenweave fabric. And using DMC thread.

The color combinations I am using are:
- Purple (333,209,211)
- Blue (797, 799, 3756)
- Green (700, 703, 369
- Red (321, 335, 3326)
- Orange (720, 722, 3854)
- Yellow ( 742, 743, 3078)

The hardest combination for me to come up with was Orange and Yellow...yet, Yellow was probably the worse. I stared stitching the lighter stitches before I really had the combo figured out. Hoping to just use what I had in my stash, I found that I was slightly void of yellows and oranges. At this point, I think I will just continue with what I have and finish the yellow. After that one is complete, I will then have to determine where to go with it next. There is room for one more row of 4 on the "bottom" and one more column of 3 on the "left side". But it is the squares between the four colors that I will need to figure something out creative to do (if anyone reading this blog has any ideas, please let me know!)


During the Thanksgiving break, my youngest son (Matthew-9 years old), is on a team who is playing in the Silver Sticks tournament. Yes, Thanksgiving vacation = tournament time for those in ice hockey. Matthew is on the Santa Clara Blackhawks Squirt A team. In the normal season games they are undefeated...and right now in the Silver Sticks tourament they are 2 wins - 0 losses - 1 tie. I was up at 5:45 this morning, getting breakfast for him prepared and his hockey gear packed up. He and Steve (dad/husband) left around 6:45am in order to be in San Jose, CA for the 4th game of the round robin. They are playing a team from Peoria, AZ. Peoria is undefeated in all their 3 games.

I am at home with my older son (Robert - soon to be 13) who is on a AA-tier hockey team - the San Jose Jr. Sharks. They are not playing in this tournament, but his team is having a lot of on-ice and off-ice practices this weekend. He wanted to sleep in this morning (becoming that typical teenager, I guess) - so I stayed home...which also provides me an opportunity to get my exercise in before the rest of the day really gets started. is game time, so I will close this entry so that I can log onto the San Jose Jr. Sharks website and find the link to watch the electronic scoresheet of Matthew's game. Got to make sure that the Hockey mom follows the game, even when I am not at the rink!

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