Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hockey Update #1

I am up at 4:30am this morning in order to have some "me" time, consisting of catching up on emails, facebook and my new blog...and get in a couple of hours on the exercycle and maybe a few tugs at the x-stitch needle. As soon as the clock strikes the hour of 7am, the house will need to start to come alive.

This is the first hockey update of the day and I am assuming that there will be more towards the evening. Matthew's team won the semi-finals game and is headed to the Championship later this morning. They beat a team from Peoria, AZ...for the second time on Saturday; the first time the score was 2-0, the second game was 2-1. It was a good game, Matthew was moved to the 2nd line playing with some of the older kids; which we are excited about as he has been working hard and skating fast. However, in the second game we noticed that that line was skipped over a couple of times, so we are not sure if moving from the 3rd line to the 2nd was a good thing or not. We will have to wait and see. Our philosophy is, as parents, not to get too involved in the coaches' decision regarding our children's game play time - for if they work hard they should be rewarded. So far that is what we have done...with both our boys.

Today they will be playing the California Cougars, which are team in their league. They have played them several times in the season...can't remember off the top of my head if they won, lost or tied this team. However, if they do win todays game they will be invited to the finals in Sarnia Ontario in the middle of January. This is the tricky part for a parent...on one hand we want them to win the tournament and to witness the smile of accomplishment on their face; on the other hand, we wish them well and will have the box of tissues to dry their tears, as we secretly hope they loose and we can stay home in our warm state.

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