Friday, November 28, 2008

A place to start

It is like everything that I do...see something like this, start it and then never really finish. Well...not necessarily. For I do have a lot that I have accomplished in my 41 years - lots of things to be proud of and grateful for.

What got me to start thing (again)? Well, I have been reading a lot of other women's blogs; mainly ones who share an interest in needlework. Aside from my kids, my husband and hockey - needlework is a passion of mine. As a hockey mom, I tend to have alot of sitting time at the rinks - either during a practice or a game - and what better way to relax and pass time then getting out my needlework. To feel the fabric, to work with the thread, to see all the colors and, let's not forget the motion of the actual stitching. It is relaxing. It is about the only way that I can sit still longer than 10 minutes.

So, I hope that if you find my blog (and it has more than this one entry in it) you will enjoy "putting on the shoes" of a Hockey Mom Stitch'in life.

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