Tuesday, September 13, 2011

No more 420! and Christmas arrives!

Last night I was at the rink (not surprised, huh?), for Robert had practice...and was able to finally sit down until I finished the DMC#420 border around Family Sampler:
Now it looks like Crescent Colours Pea Pod,  CC Clay Pot, CC Wild Berries and DMC #3012 will be my next friends as I continue to work on the border outside the DMC #420 row. At least there are several colors to work with if I get bored and it is a pattern that has a floral look. I think that I will probably break down the Q-Snaps that I had the fabric on so that I can make it into a smaller frame. I will be leaving for Arizona on Thursday, the first hockey tournament trip of the year, so smaller frame will allow me to continue working on Family Sampler while I travel.

In addition to the little "Happy Dance" steps I took last night, I had a exciting piece of mail in the good ol' mailbox yesterday...
The Just CrossStitch Ornament Edition arrived yesterday. Yahoo! This really got my feet a-tappin'! I only took a brief moment to skim through it yesterday, for the calling from the couch to take a nap, before I had to leave for the hockey rink, was too loud to ignore :) Nevertheless, I did spot of few ornaments that I would love to take a needle to! I might try to wait until I am travelling to read through the magazine, it would be perfect airplane reading.

Yes, I am getting organized for the first hockey travel. Like I mentioned, this Thursday I will be leaving with Robert for Arizona. He and his team has their first SuperSeries weekend where they will play 3 other teams...we will be back home Sunday evening. Then I will leave again, the following Thursday with Matthew and will be heading again to Arizona...why they couldn't schedule both age groups to play is beyond me. But at least it is to someplace warm.

Well, until next time...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Vonna said...

Your FS is looking awesome! Your persistence is paying off!

valerie said...

LOL...you post title really threw me for a second. Great progress on your FS...it's looking great! I am still waiting for my ornie issue...it seems to take forever!

Safe travels!

Angela P said...

Family sampler is looking really great! I'm still waiting for my ornie issue to arrive in stores here but I bet it will make very good plane reading :)

Kelly said...

Your sampler is lovely!