Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And so starts a new week (althought it is already Tuesday)

Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.
Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.
Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow.
Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.
~Mary Jean Irion

Back to reality...back to routine...and feeling grateful. The 4 day holiday weekend was nice, but busy as normal around this part of the woods. Both boys had a lot of hockey to deal with Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday my car got a good workout driving the boys to and from the rink all day - I think that I put on close to 250 miles and only saw 1 period of the last game of the evening. It has been a long time since I took on the role of the shuttle service (I take one kid down to the rink for a game and pick up the other after his game, driving him home so that he could have a warm meal and a good rest in his room before having to drive him back down to the rink for his next game...only to pick up the other kid after his game, driving him home so that he could have a warm meal and a good rest in his room before, etc.) DH made all the games in between driving back and forth from the stores. It was crazy, but it worked out just fine. Sunday was a little easier - not so much driving back and forth - and I was able to catch all 3 games played that day. There was even time for all of us to nap that day.
Labor Day Monday - Robert's games were all played (his team won all 4) so he was able to sleep in as well as work on his homework. Matthew still had a hockey practice Monday afternoon, which DH took him to while Robert and I drove down to his hockey coach's house for a team party. It was a nice way to end the long, crazy weekend.
Suffice it to say, with all the hockey activities and driving, I didn't get a chance to sit and stitch like I had wanted to - so Family Sampler stayed in it's bag on the table. Any down time I did get over the weekend was used by flopping on the couch and staring at the tv until my eyes shut for an occasional power nap.
So on to the "normal" day - work for me and DH, school for the boys and hockey for both in the evening - carpool for Matthew and I will follow later with Robert.
Thank you for visiting today. I hope that your Tuesday is off to a good start. Until next time, remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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