Monday, September 12, 2011


Yikes, it was just Wednesday, the day of my last post when I was going to finish the Family Sampler DMC #420 border. Oh, well...that didn't happen because DH was kind enough to take Robert down to practice and I got to stay home where I got an opportunity to do a little spin on my bike and nap the rest of the evening until he got home :)

The rest of the weekend, starting with Friday because that is my day off from my job, seems to be a blur filled with a nice long run of 14.8 miles on Friday morning, working up at Store #2 on Saturday, and a long Sunday. Sunday started out with a 4:15am wake up call that I had to meet (lately my 4:15am exercise "wake up" alarms get shut off) because Matthew had to get up & eat breakfast before DH took him to his 6:30am hockey practice. Once they left, I plopped on the couch and watched the 9/11 Memorial services until 7:15am, when I left for Store #1 to help our employee make 13 arrangements for the driver to get out the door by 11am. Once the store's kitchen was cleaned up, I said "good-bye" to our employee who was scheduled to close the store that evening and drove down to the hockey rink for Robert's game (yes, while I was working in the store, DH had come home with Matthew from his practice and then got Robert, who had an afternoon game down at the rink). After the game, I made a quick run to the grocery store before coming home and grilling some burgers and hot links for the kids...DH and I snacked ourselves silly and didn't have much room for dinner. Crazy weekend, huh?

However, among all the running around and craziness, I do have time for R&R...time to hang out with my boys and the dog...
Matthew and Bruno
Let me tell you a little story about Bruno. Above you see Matthew and Bruno in our little backyard, enjoying a nice petting session in the grass. However, Bruno, until recently, was not allowed to run freely in our backyard. We have a little indoor-outdoor on the side of our house where Bruno "lived". This has been the set up since we moved to California 8 years ago...when Bruno was in his "teenage" years and loved to chew and destroy everything: trees, walls, fences, flowers, lawn chairs, etc. However, due to some young kids across the street who loved to come over and knock on his gate (more of a pounding, along with some ear piercing screaming), Bruno was feeling vulnerable and started jumping over the gate that separated him from the backyard. Long-story-short...after several weeks of his jumping over the game, while trying to set up ways to stop him, we finally gave up and opened the gate for him to have roaming rights to the backyard. He still finds comfort and shelter in his indoor/outdoor area, but we always know when the kids are outside playing for he is curled up on the patio near the backyard door.

I don't think that they or their babysitters did anything to harm Bruno, I just think that the high pitched kid yelling as well as their little motorized cars finally got the best of him and he needed to get away...far away from them. So now, in the back yard he finds comfort when they are out. And we are all enjoying the ability to go out in the back yard and sit & pet him.

Well, it is that time when I need to sign off and get the day started. Hope all is well with you! Until next time...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Cross Stitch Queen said...

Great pic of Matthew and Bruno! Glad Bruno has settled down a bit.

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Open to followers worldwide.

Good luck!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

funny how dogs know when to get out of Dodge, and kids will be kids, that's for sure. Nice to see that you actually do have time to snap a picture of some rest and relaxation. Can you say Rest and Relaxation????
Be always in stitches.

Branlaadee said...

Bruno is beautiful! What a great dog. Poor guy, I dont blame him for wanting to get away from the screaming kids. Somedays I want to do that around here too!

Glad you had a good, but busy weekend! That #420 will have to wait!