Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's mumblings - a surprise in the mail and a review of a family day.

I will start off with a little show and tell today...lookie what the post person put in my mailbox today:

It is the first ornament from my ornament swap is from Lisa V in Austraila. Isn't it beautiful!!! It is stitched and finished so beautifully! And I thought that hanging it on my orange tree was the perfect place for a photo of an ornament...especially one from "down under" where it is winter (huh? anyone follow my train of thought?) Anyway, I am not sure who the designer is or what the pattern kind of looks like 3 different ones, but I am sure that Lisa will let me know :) Thank you again, Lisa, I love it!

Yesterday...Sunday...we had a family day and not all of it was spent at the store. My morning started out with a wonderful 12.9 mile jog/run. I went out about 6am and caught a mommy turkey and Jr hanging out on our street (which I tried to get a photo of with the camera on my phone - wish it turned out a little better). It has been a long time since we have seen the flocks of turkeys. Since we have moved here the flocks have definitely have grown in size and it looks like we have a new generation...
After the run, I came back home in plenty of time to get breakfast around for the family before going to get cleaned up so that we all could go into Store #1 together. There was a little fruit prep and one arrangement for early delivery that we wanted to help get out before...before we let our employees run the store.


We left the store in capable hands and took off the Half Moon Bay, CA to be exact. During the last two summers we use to take day trips to Half Moon Bay (it is only 45minutes to an hour away) to explore the rocky beaches and eat at our favorite restaurant: Sam's Chowder House. Home of the famous Lobster Roll:

...which is what DH and Robert enjoyed. Matthew had fish and chips while I had a Crab Louie salad - this is after we enjoyed the Captain's Platter (which had oysters, mussels, cocktail shrimp, tuna poke, etc), a Shrimp Cocktail and a Seaweed Salad for appetizers. It has been a long time since we have splurged like this, enjoying food and family time.

After the wonderful meal, we went outside to walk around on the beach and the rocky break (a wall of rocks built by man to create a little calmer body of water to keep boats). The boys liked looking in the cracks and crevices, spying starfish and crabs. It was a nice day to walk out on the beach - not too warm and not too cold (another not-so-good photo taken by my camera phone). Slightly overcast, but the majority of the morning fog had burned off. Perfect!
Between having a full stomach and a nice walk in the ocean was time to get back in the car and head home for a nap! It was so nice to get away, if only a few hours.

I hope that you had a nice weekend too! Until next time, remember:

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

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valerie said...

Cute Ornie! I think it's L&K Snowman '10 Snippet. Lisa did a wonderful job. And good for you guys in taking a family day. I've never been to Sam's but it sounds good. I've been wanting to go down to Moss Beach for weeks now!