Friday, July 8, 2011

Life’s events move so rapidly we seldom relish the moments individually, but each day teems with tiny gifts divinely designed for our well-being.
The woman smiled at in the grocery store yesterday or the man acknowledged on the bus last week felt special.
And we were softened, too, by our expression. We change, and we change our world when we acknowledge one another’s presence in it.
The wonderful reality is that we are in another’s world because of the special qualities we each have and are able to share with one another.

It is! Although as I have figured out over the last 6, or so, months whether it is a weekday or the weekend, days seem to run together when one has a family business and 2 very busy kids. Gone are the days when Friday signaled the beginning of a weekend of R&R and an end to a week of craziness. Now all our days includes some sort of early morning activity, mid-day excitment and evening something-or-other.

Nevertheless, this week we have been blessed with quiet evenings and last night was not exception. Without evening hockey, the boys and I went down to our new (and small) farmer's market that the city has started to host on Thursday evenings in a local park. With about 12-20 food & farm booths and a stage for some fun entertainment, it is the perfect size for the it that small town, neighborhood feel. Summer time brings in all the delicious pit fruits - apricots, plums, pluots, aprums, nectarines (white & yellow), peaches (white & yellow)....all from the tree to your kitchen taste...yummy. After sampling the different kinds of "pit" fruits, we purchased a bag mixed with all the different kinds. In addition, many of the summer vegetables were also started to come in from the local farm fields (California has many areas where they grow all the delicious fruits and vegetables that many across the US get to enjoy - and this is the time of the year that it is plentiful fresh from the fields at the farmer's markets)...

I was excited to see the tomatoes, especially since I have been so busy that I didn't get a chance to clean out my little patch of land and plant any this year. I was also glad to find this stand, because they were selling their Heirloom tomatoes (in the back corner of the photo above) at the same price as their "on the vine" red tomatoes. Many time the Heirlooms are sold at a higher price; but I was able to purchase some delicious Heirlooms at a good price.
The summer squash is also starting to be harvested...I loved the way that this booth displayed all of their vegetables...with nice fabrics, straw baskets and fun chalkboard signs.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable vendors, there was also a soap maker, some bakeries and a honey booth:

This lady set up her stand with a live honeycomb frame, showing the bees at work (the frame was in a plex-i holder so there were no worries about being stung). She was giving samples of the different honeys she was selling - clover honey, sunflower honey, orange blossom honey, etc. Each one does have it's one unique flavor, believe it or not. White boxes of bee hives can be found in the fields of many citrus orchards, pit fruit fields and almond fields up and down the California fields. These bees help pollenate the flowers in the spring time.

After we loaded ourselves up with fruit, tomatoes and fresh Blue Lake green beans we went over to the food booths, where the boys got some grilled chicken kabobs, egg rolls and crab rangoon all of which was snacked on during our short ride home. Before jumping in the car, we ran into some neighborhood friends along the way. It was nice to have this opportunity to chat with them - to find out what they have been up to (they were one of many families who have been hit with "bad" times including foreclosure on their house, loosing money in a business and she was diagnosed with breast cancer) - that is where the neighborhood feel comes in...when you see folks you haven't seen in awhile and catch up. That is really what makes this farmer's market special.

- - - - - - - -

Tonight starts hockey tryout weekend. Robert has his first skate this evening. With any youth sport, trying out seems to bring out the loony side of the is no different. Worries of tryouts have been discussed even before last season was over with. It is amazing how obsessed we all get with regards to youth sports - who is trying out where, who are the coaches, who is manipulating the system so their child gets on the best team....ugh! On the flip side of tryouts, it does bring together the hockey community and there are many people we haven't seen since the season was over, so it is like a reunion. But, given all the stress involved in tryouts, the 'good' feeling of reuniting with the hockey families is sometime shortlived.

Anyway, like mentioned, Robert (older son) has his first skate this evening and Matthew (younger son) has his tomorrow morning. DH will have the privilege of driving down to the rink and emerging himself in the tryout stress for I will be at store #2 tomorrow and store #1 on Sunday :)

- - - - - - - -

Well, that is about all I have to share on a Friday morning. I didn't get in any stitching last night due to the late return home from the farmer's market, but I am hoping that I will tonight so I can finish the row I have been working on in the Family Sampler - then I can post some photos of the status of this project.

Until next time, remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Catherine said...

Your Farmer's Market looks wonderful! Oohhh....that honey sounds divine!

I can so understand how you feel about the sports - I have three boys - although in baseball, not hockey. My eldest son fell victim to the manipulation this year. He has shown great strenght of character through it all - and will be much better off in the long run than those who the team was manipulated for. Best of luck to your boys on their tryouts!!!

Branlaadee said...

Good luck to the boys!

The farmers market looks great! I have 3 around here on different days of the week. I love going this time of year because apricots are my favorite fruit and the store fruit is never that good.