Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day in the Life...the "Stop-OMG" moments

Many of you followers know how busy and crazy my life is and the most common comment I get is "I don't know how you do it." Most of you out there are just as busy as I - we just have to do what we do and it all seems to work out. But did you have stop at the end of the day, or sometimes around lunch time - just stop and look back at what you have just accomplished within that time?

Yesterday was one of those days - a days that I had a "Stopping - OMG" moment - where I looked at what I had done between the time I woke up and the time that I settled in and watched Julie and Julia with my family.

Thursday, July 14th looked like this:

6am - woke up (snoozed through the 4am exercise alarm; figured I would find time to get in a good sweat sometime during the day)

6:05am - woke up Robert and I headed down stairs to get breakfast around for him and Matthew; unladed the clean dishes from the dishwasher; made DH's lunch and Robert's lunch/recovery food for after his hockey clinic

6:20am - upstairs to make the bed and shower, throw in a load of laundry in the wash

6:45am - gathered up my backpack of "stuff" and my purse and headed for the car to wait for Robert, who had to finish packing his hockey bag and get in the car

7am - arrive at designated pick up/drop off place for the hockey clinic carpool; today was my day to drive down to San Jose so we loaded up the other player's gear and hockey sticks into my car and we were off for the 35-40 minute drive to San Jose

7:35am - arrive at San Jose rink to drop the boys off and then head back home

8:05am - not much morning traffic (thank goodness), arrive close to home, but decide to do a power grocery shop because we are out of some staples such as milk and ice cream

8:40am - arrive at home, bring in the groceries and put them all away; run upstairs to move the clean "wet" clothes to dryer and then pull together some food for my lunch to eat at work

8:55am - leave home with Matthew to drop him off at his Jr. Leader "job" at the preschool summer camp and then head to my part-time job

9am-1:30pm - at my part-time job where I help the office activity team ready some of the things we will be using for the office Hawaiian Luau bbq next week, I have a phone meeting with one of the product supervisors about a poster project for the upcoming sales conference meeting taking place in August, I start to work on some plans for a October trade show and so on.

1:35pm - depart from part-time job and head to the pick up/drop off place where I will meet up with the carpool and gather up Robert

2pm - home with Robert and Matthew (DH picked up Matthew from the preschool camp earlier).

2:30pm - after talking to DH about the afternoon plans for the 2 stores (he has to go to store #2, so I will need to finish the late deliveries for store #1), I determine I have time to get in my exercise and go out for a 8.75 mile jog

3:45pm - home from jog and showered, I sit for a few minutes before heading out the door to store #1

4:00pm - depart from home after giving directions to the boys about staying near the house when playing outdoors and a reminder about fixing themselves dinner just incase I get home late.

4:20pm - arrive at store; proof a coupon artwork for store #2 and authorize it to go to print; located the arrangements for delivery and mapped out the route.

4:40pm - depart from store and head to first house

5pm -  make first delivery and head to location of 2nd one; called store to see if any last minute delivery orders came in (orders for same day delivery can be made/accepted up to 2 hours prior to closing) more orders came in

5:35pm - arrive at location of 2nd/last delivery and then head back to store

6pm - arrive at store, put away all the delivery supplies; call in a Chinese food take out order to pick up on my way home. Check in with our employee who is doing fine and will be closing the store - so I depart

6:05pm - arrive at Chinese restaurant and pick up Matthew's favorite: fried prawns and white rice

6:15pm - arrive at Panda express and pick up Robert's favorite: fried rice, Kung Pao Chicken, Orange Chicken and some appetizers (Panda is less expensive than going to the other restaurant for what Robert wants and the portion size is better).

6:35pm - arrive at home; while the boys eat their take out food, I fix myself something from the refrigerator and then graze on other things while we talk. DH is still up at store #2, training one of the employees how to close as well as dealt with a complaint

7:45pm - kitchen cleaned up so boys and I retire upstairs in the tv/office room; turn on the movie Julie and Julia and lay on the couch until DH finally gets home

8:50pm - DH finally home; he tried to deal with the complaint issue but customer who placed order and complained wasn't home; which made the long drive from store #2 even longer.

10pm - lights out everyone in the household in bed. The end of the day!

Crazy huh? And just note that we don't have the evening hockey clinic we had in June to juggle amoung all the other stuff. Oh, well...I am definitely not looking for a medal or anything as we all seem to live these kinds of, you could almost label it "normal" or "routine". We do what we need to do, when we need to do it.

Well, won't have many "Stop - OMG" moments, for there is no hockey clinics...I don't have to go in on Fridays for my part-time job...Matthew doesn't have any jr leader obligations today. They both are sleeping in, DH is getting ready to go into store #1 and I am getting in a nice spin on my stationary bike this morning. I am planning to take the boys bowling or something today before I have to go into store #1 to fill in for a person who needed the afternoon off.

Thank you for visiting - hope I have some stitching news for you soon; while I haven't put needle/thread into Family Sampler in a couple of days I am hoping that little packages might show up in my mail box soon. For you see, it is my turn to receive ornaments - July is my month of the Ornament Swap and I am getting excited.

BTW...Robert made the hockey team he was trying out for, so the 2011-12 season is all set for us. Practices start up next month and the first tournament of the season is Labor Day weekend.

Take care...until next time,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often


Branlaadee said...

Congrats to Robert!

Glad you have a nice relaxing day today.

valerie said...

OMGosh, I'm tired just reading this post. Hope you found some time to relax...

CindyMae said...

WOW! You are a busy women indeed!