Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello from Florida

Well, Matthew and I are in Florida. Left yesterday on Virgin America - nonstop from CA to FL...close to 6 hours, half of which we dealt with turbulance (over the southern Rockies) and so we had to stay in our seats with our seatbelts fasten. While bumpy airplane rides are never fun, what was worse was sitting in the middle between a grumpy man on the aisle who didn't like to let us out to go to the bathroom (he made faces at me when I got up that read how inconvienced and annoyed he was). And then there was the man who sat on the window side of me who blew his nose, coughed continuously and finally had to excuse himself to the restroom to throw up (yes aisle man was perturbed he had to move to let sick man out-I wanted to yell, "hey dude, you better move or window boy is going to hurle on you). Where was Matthew (younger son)? His seat was behind me, I waited too long to make the reservations and not only did I pay more for the flight but also couldn't get us seats together.

Oh, well, we got to Florida safe and sound...all of our luggage made it, too.

Today Matthew's team played 2 games and unfortunately lost both. It was a bummer but I did get in some stitching time because we have to be at the rink an hour and fifteen minutes before game time so that the players have time to warm up, dress in their hockey gear and to give the coach time to talk with them. This is one of the best opportunities I have during these weekends to stitch. So, I have taken out my Family Sampler and have been able to complete lots of leaves...I think that I have one or two more above the house to finish up before I move onto something else and some other color (good thing because I am getting a little sick of pea pod and khaki green).

Well, just thought I would check in with all of you - when I get back home I will take a photo of the status of Family Sampler.

Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Natasha said...

Lisa, what a bummer not only your boy not winning but more so the sore seat mates you had.... I always cross my fingers for desecnt seat mates LOL One time DH and I were flying home from Hawaii and the girl sitting next to me decided to use my shoulder as a head and DROOL rest. I have had alot of "weird" seat mates LOL

I wish I could hit the lottery and buy my own private plane, I would let you and your biys use it for their games so you dont have to deal with hurler and grumpy

Take Care and safe travles

valerie said...

Ugh...sounds terrible! I can't stand traveling and being next to sick or grumpy people. I always sit on the aisle...long legs and such..but always am happy to let ppl come and go as they please. Drink lots of vitamin C to avoid getting any catchy germs. Yuk!

Vonna said...

I hate flying period...and your stories don't make me want to stand in line to fly any time soon :)
Sorry about the nasty man...that's the problem in today's world, lots of self-absorbed jerks...

Take your vitamins and drink lots of water so you don't get sick!

Susan said...

I'm sorry you had to deal with such obnoxious fellow passengers - I always get the aisle seat whenever possible, so that I can get up and about on my own terms.

I'm sorry that Matthew lost his two games :(