Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6:30am on 1-11-11...the new 15 year old in the Traditional Birthday Hat getting ready to blow out his candle on his Eggo waffles.
So, as per yesterday's posting, my older son turned 15 - and in my tribute to him, I thought I did an amazing job posting photos which would not embarrass him (and thank you everyone for your nice birthday wishes for him). So of course today I had to post the photo of the birthday boy with the traditional birthday hat on that I force everyone to wear on their birthday morning. So the photo above is of Robert, who just woke up at 6:30am on his birthday, wearing the birthday hat, getting ready to blow out his candle on top of his Eggo Waffles :) With a schedule as busy as ours, we use opportunities like breakfast, to do family birthday celebrations. Other than that, the only other thing he chose to do for his birthday was to "skip" wrestling practice at school so that he could skate along side of his brother - at Matthew's team's hockey practice last night. Matthew's coach loves having some of the older boys come on the ice with his teams, so he welcomed Robert. It is fun to see the boys skate together...makes this hockey mom proud :)

Not much else to report at this time...I have been able to put a few stitches on an ornament I am stitching for the January recipient of our Ornament Swap 2011 group - Lori.  I am stitching the design on a denim blue colored linen, which I think is a 38ct. Have you ever stitched on darker fabric that has a small count...I find it challenging; sometimes it is hard to see the holes I am suppose to put the needle in. But I like the way that the design shows up on this color and I hope that Lori finds enjoyment in it...just need to get the stitching done and the ornament finished before the end of the month!

Tomorrow I will need to get my stitching bag packed up and swap out the my favorite scissors for the travel ones, for on Friday I will be boarding a plane headed for Dallas, Texas with Robert and his team for another hockey tournament. This is the first of two trips this month - Dallas with Robert this weekend and then Coral Springs, Florida with Matthew the end of the month. Any stitchers out there in these areas that want to get together and stitch at the rink with me while watching the hockey games?

Any...time to get going and be productive! Hope you are having a good week...remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Vonna said...

I'm behind (like always) but I wanted to swing in to say Happy Belated Birthday to a handsome, accomplished young man :)
May you have many more!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

gotta love a Mom with a sense of humor and a hat to boot.
As always

Cole said...

Happy Birthday to Robert, it seems like he had a great day! Love the hat :)

When I stitch on darker fabric, I like to place a paper towel or something white on my lap. I find it easier to see the holes that way.

Angela said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your Son! Like you I am slowly stitching Lori's ornie and pray it is finished by the end of the month, LOL! Your Son's teams need to come up and play in Toronto someday soon :)