Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8...for another hour and a half

Just got home from hockey practice - it is now 10:30pm - and I realized that I didn't post a post yet. Since I committed to posting every day during November I decided to log in while the boys were getting ready for bed. There really isn't much to write about - same routine, different day.

DH called from Connecticut to report that the corporate training was going pretty well, that it was cold back east and there were big snow flakes falling from the sky. It was cool here today, but still had on our short-sleeve t-shirts and shorts.

The boys received their 1st quarter reports cards and I am very, very proud to report that both of them earned all A's. They worked hard and it shows.

Well, it looks like everyone is in their pjs and teeth are brushed, lights are out and all are tucked into bed. So I bid you good night as well! Take care! Lisa

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