Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15

It is Monday. The start of a new week; one that is going to be a crazy - busy one...but what weeks aren't? DH is home now, all the training for *The Business* is complete, except for the in-store trainer visit which starts today. A corporate trainer, who is in town from Atlanta, will be in the store all week to make sure that DH understands how to run the business. He actually got in town yesterday and came by the store to meet DH. DH's impression...he will be nothing to worry about. Which is good, because we found out on Saturday when the previous owner came into the store, our 2nd driver quit. Down to one driver going into the holiday season isn't ideal - we can make it work, taking on the extra deliveries ourselves, but DH & I really need to start focusing on the behind the scenes tasks: budgeting the money, ordering supplies, prepping staff and supplies for the holidays, working on the marketing and promotions...and hopefully going out and talking with some different businesses to create corporate accounts. We will get things done and organized, but we are transistioning into this new life - so all the tasks, when incorporated into our personal daily life seems very overwhelming.

DH already left for work, so I will continue with what has become my daily routine - of getting the boys up for school and then taking each of them to their respective school before the school bell rings...then getting myself into my job, too.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon prepping for Robert's trip to Medicine Hat Canada for the 38th annual Medicine Hat Hockey Hounds Bantam (U14) tournament. They leave on Wednesday night and return on Sunday evening. This will be the first trip Robert will be going without DH or I...DH has to stay back here with *The Business* and I will be going to Phoenix with Matthew for his hockey tournament over this coming weekend. As team manager of Robert's team, I have been making sure that I have all the information needed in the travel binder, which I will give to one of the other parents going on the trip. The Medicine Hat stuff is just about completely organized, just need to figure out the group check in process for the flight on Wednesday...then all my responsibilities for that trip will be pretty much concluded; until they come back :)

Well, I will not bore you all any more...time to sign off for the day. I hope your Monday is rich with love and laughter! Lisa


Catherine said...

You certainly are on the go!! Good luck this week and with the start of the new business venture!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I certainly hope everything works out and a new driver comes forward.Nothing like of the wall situations right from the get go. Well, with everything the two of you are responsible for, I am sure some time to yourselves would be good right about now, so enjoy the time you get and every night before you go do sleep remember to say" Always kiss me goodnight"

Good Luck to Robert in Med Hat,and to Matthew in Phoenix.
As always
Be always in stitches.

Melissa said...

Wow, sooo busy! You make me tired. I hope everything goes well with the new business and the boys hockey trips.