Sunday, November 7, 2010

November 7

It has been a rainy Sunday, but that is a California Winter day. Did you all enjoy the extra hour of sleep? I actually went ahead and got up at 3:30am (which use to be 4:30am) and got my 2 hours of exercise out of the way before I had to get Robert up for breakfast. He had an early morning exhibition game against another local hockey team down in San Jose. The team came out strong in the 1st period, but couldn't keep up the energy during the 2nd or 3rd period and the game ended up in a 1-5 loss. During games like this, I typical would have brought out something to stitch on in the 2nd period, but couldn't because I was texting DH. He was staying home with Matthew (who took the opportunity to sleep in) until it was time to leave for the airport, so I needed to give him the blow-by-blow of the game.

Once home from the rink, I ran to the grocery store to get my weekly shopping out of the way so I could veg out at home the rest of the afternoon. It looked like the grocery store was gearing up for Thanksgiving which is just a couple of weeks away. I know that they are having some sort of Thankgiving turkey being a free turkey with some sort of purchase...which might be something I look into for our holiday meal; however, why get one from a store when we have fresh ones across the street?

Just kidding, don't think it is legal to shoot a wild turkey in the residental area...maybe if it was road kill :)

Well, blogging friends nothing else to report right now. Just looking forward to continued vegging out tonight and getting in some stitching. Maybe I will have something to show you tomorrw.
Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Chris said...

That's a lot of turkeys!!

Melissa said...

WOW, 3:30 for exercise. That's dedication!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

3:30? that's 1/2 hr past normal around here. HOWEVER the exercising for 2 hours, heck I'm lucky to get that a week. And, I really don't think anyone would miss one of those wild turkeys, we have them around here and we would be happy to miss a few more than one.
Have a great week Lisa
Be always in stitches