Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30...NaPoBloMo Ends

The end is near, the month is done...yet soon we begin another one.
I gave it my all, the NaPoBloMo fun
Hard to keep up, for the craziness won
But your comments rained and kept me sane
Throughout the month of November...and for that, I'll always remember!

Well, today is the last day of November - a day to look back and gleen all that I have accomplished and received. It has been a crazy month for me and my family as we "officially" became owners of *The Business* on November 1. The first 2 weeks of November, DH was out of town for training and the rest of the month he has been working open to close at the store; so I have had the feeling of a "single mother" trying to get everything accomplished for everyone - driving the boys to where they need to go, making sure everyone's clothing is cleaned & dried, organizing life so everything runs as smoothly as possible, making sure that Robert had what he needed before he left on his first hockey tournament solo (without DH or I), etc. I am not looking for sympathy nor am I asking to be put on a pedestal. While there are definitely days that I want to pull my hair out and scream "what about me?" or "why me?", I look at the choices I make and what I do have!

During the month of November:
  1. I was able to get everyone to where they needed to be...by the time they needed to be there
  2. I was able overcome my anxiety of sending Robert to a tournament without DH and I present
  3. I traveled with Matthew to his hockey tournament and shared time together that we haven't had in a long time
  4. I was able to send out Angela's Ornament for the Ornament Swap early in November and she received it before her Christmas Tree was set up and decorated
  5. I was able to bake 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies and share them with our employees at Edible Arrangements, my co-workers at Hexcel, Matthew's teammates at a hockey practice
  6. I was able to work in *The Business* with our wonderful employees and crank out over 80 arrangements
  7. I was able to work in our store with DH and my sons on Thanksgiving day, when customers came and picked up their arrangements for their family gatherings; and beamed with pride when my boys walked the arrangements out to the customer's car.
  8. I was able to share the evening with Matthew when he received his 4.0 acknowledgement at his 1st of many Honors Evening. I witnessed his proud smile that stretched from ear to ear!
  9. I was able to sneak in some morning and evening time to stitch on my Family Sampler and an ornament; as well as time to spin on the stationary bike to maintain my health and sanity
  10. I was able to share priceless moments and have wondeful conversation with my boys as I drove them to and from the hockey rink 4-5 times a week.
  11. I have enjoyed and received support from the wonderful comments of blogging friends from all over the world
  12. I shared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family; who, for the first time in many months, all sat down at the table together to enjoy all the same foods...and had no where to go after the meal was complete. That in itself is priceless.
So no matter how crazy life seems around my household...and no matter how many times I do want to yell or feel resentment building...I do try to "stop" and take a look at what I have and put a postive spin on the situation. My crazy November was full of love, family team work, and friendship. My heart swells with gratitude that I can share this all with you. I pray that your November was as fullfilling as mine was and here is hope that December will be too!

Take care my blogging friends - thank you for visiting and all your comments you take time to write. Until next time, remember....
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Way to go Lisa. I think the best was the text messaging with your sons for your Birthday, how priceless the lengths of quiet communication can be. As always

Kathy A. said...

What a wonderful way to wrap up the month of November. And your RR came home even if only for a visit lol.
Take care

Angela P said...

So much to be proud of :) And I love, love, love my ornament and can't wait to hang it on my tree!