Saturday, March 20, 2010

PIF received and hockey update

Earlier in the week, a little package was put in my mailbox. It was still a little too early to receive an L*K exchange as that mailing date is May 1st...and I wasn't expecting any ornaments because my month is September. When I looked at the return address, I knew that it was the PIF from Barb. I immediately tore open the box, to enjoy the goodies before the boys came home from school. Inside the box, was a little stitching kit called "To Market" which also included a little heart frame; DMC floss, ribbon, tassels, scissors holder, and a purple laying tool all in a little blue tote. How cool is that - some wonderful goodies, which I will be able to put to good use! Thank you Barb!
Stay tune...I will be posting a PIF next weekend for a drawing on April 1st - April Fools Day!

Now for a hockey update. Last night was game #2 for Robert. I picked him up from school a little before 2pm so that he could come home, grab a bite to eat and change into this pre-game attire (Jr. Sharks Logo warmups and a Jr. Shark polo shirt) so that we could leave and be down to the rink around hour before game time. Well, while this should have been a team that the boys could have beat, they just didn't seem to "show up for the game" and, thus, lost it 1-3. It was really sad, because they came out very strong in the first period and even scored the first goal of the game...but as soon as the other team scored, Robert's team just didn't seem to find what they needed to in order to win. Robert had a good game - meaning, when he was out there on the ice "he gave it his all" and that is all you can ask for.
So, this morning is game #3 and their opponents are the LA Selects Bantam AAAs. This is a team in our league, so we have played them 3x this year....and lost 3x this we know what to expect. When I say that we lost - it was big losses: 0-11, 0-12 and 0-some other big number. With the expected loss this morning, that would mean the team would have 1 win and 2 losses...and we would just have to wait to see what the outcome of the other games to see if we will be in 3rd or 4th place (which would mean that they would play tonight in the semis) or if they are out all together. Hopefully they play tonight!
So...Good luck Robert and the
San Jose Jr. Sharks Bantam AAAs!

In addition to Robert (older son) and his District hockey tournament, Matthew (younger son) also his his NorCal Playoff tournament this weekend...first game for him is in an hour @ 6am. The NorCal Travel A Championships are up in Vacaville (a city about 45 minutes from where we live; close to Sacremento - where the California capital is located) - thus, DH and I are playing "divide and conquer" this weekend. DH and Matthew left after Robert's evening game and headed up to Vacaville to stay the night in preparation for this early morning game. If Matthew's team comes in 1st or 2nd after the weekend is over, then they advance to the State championship which is in two weeks.
So...Good luck Matthew and the
Tri-Valley Blue Devil Squirt As!

And a quick stitching update...might as well as I seem to be on a roll with the updates. I have finished stitching Lisa V's ornament for the ornament swap, just need to finish it as an ornament - so my goal is to get that completed so that it will be shipped to her on Monday. I have also completed the stitching on "A Walk in the Park" - a gift for my sister and will be working on finishing that up (more on that later in the weekend).

Well, it is time to sign out...but before I do, if you find yourself heading to Vacaville to watch the NorCal Playoffs - let me know. It seems that DH and I had a little marital communication breakdown yesterday while he was packing his clothes for the weekend - he only packed 3 t-shirts and a tooth brush for the weekend.

Thank you for visiting - remember to...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa 


Karyn said...

What an awesome treat, to open your mailbox and find new stitchy stash! You're a lucky gal :) Sending tons of luck for the hockey kiddos...keep us all posted. :)


valerie said...

What a sweet PIF! Good luck to the boys on their games! Hope it all goes well. I had to laugh at the three t-shirts and toothbrush. Hope that works itself out.

corinna said...

hockey hurrahs to your boys

Angela said...

What a sweet PIF :) Wishing lots of luck for your sons hockey games!