Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Son's Hockey Season Comes to an End

Yesterday evening, Robert's (older son) 2009-2010 hockey season came to an end with a loss of 5-1 in the Semi-Finals against the Seattle Admirals (a team that they played in the beginning of the tournament). It was bittersweet, as we would have loved to see the team win the semis to go to the Championships, where they would have had to face the LA Selects again (the team that they played earlier Saturday morning)...but knew that they would have lost in the Championships and it would have probably been a very physical game.

Just to clarify...Robert played 2 games on Saturday - in the morning his team played the LA Selects and lost 13-3. But the goal differentiation was good enough to place them in the 3rd seed in the Semis which they played Saturday evening.

But this proud hockey mom has to post about how proud I am of my son. Robert played in the morning game so well...the hockey animal came out during that game vs. LA Selects. He played so physical and fast that the parents gave him an ovation when he walked out of the locker room that morning. Here are some photos of him from that game:

BTW...he is #10 in Teal - San Jose Jr. Shark Bantam AAA

He brought that "animal" to the Semis and continued his physical play, challenging the other team when he was out on the ice. Unfortunately, the rest of the team didn't seem to come with the same focus they had in the morning game. But like I said, it is probably for the best because if we had to play the LA Selects again, I am sure that it would have been a very ugly game.

Well, blogging friends, before I leave you this morning, this hockey-mom has one more thing to brag about...Matthew"s (younger son) hockey team just won their last game of the NorCal playoff round robin - thus, putting them in 1st seed going into the Championship Game which is at 2pm Pacific Time. While the top 2 teams automatically advance to State Finals (which is in 2 weeks here in San Jose) - it would be nice for Matthew's team to win this Championship game! Every tournament they have played in this year, they have made it to the championship only to lose and come in 2nd place. Come on Tri-Valley Blue Devils - let's win this! Go Blue!

Take care...Lisa 


Kathy in Orange County California said...

Last night my nephew's team lost in their playoffs (the 18 & under Blue Devils) not only his season but his youth hockey career has ended. He will be 19 in July, so he has "aged out" of youth hockey. My sister and brother-in-law just won't know what to do with their spare time!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Let's Go TVBD's Let's Go.
Be always in stitches.

Karyn said...

Now "that" is a hockey game :) Only a true Hockey Mom can appreciate the thrill of watching her son "stand up for his team with a good fight!" I remember those days so well :)
Hugs Mama....and congrats to both of your guys, true winners in this retired hockey mom's book!

PS: gotta ask, did ya get any stitching in? LOL just kidding.