Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nobody told me it is Wednesday already

After waking up late (guess my body just needed some sleep this morning) and going to work early (because of an early morning conference call with my boss who is in our UK office), I came home a little before 1pm and realized that it is already Wednesday. The week is 1/2 over and we are 1/2 a week away from the weekend.

Things are going well here...the weather is feeling more like spring in Northern California. Sunny skies with just a little bit of fluffy clouds and about in the mid 60s. The cherry trees and crabapple trees have their pink and white is just beautiful!

I am working on exchange stitching still - the ornament exchange for Lisa V - so I don't have anything to share right now. I did hear that a Friendship RR is on its way to me. It has been a long time...since Thanksgiving...since I have stitched a heart on one. I only have 3 more to stitch on and then I will be done with my part. Several of the women in the group have received theirs back. Mine, I think, is in the Netherlands right now, and once it leaves there it shouldn't take too long for it to come home.

We are coming to the end of the hockey season...sort of. The weekend of March 18, Robert and his team will be playing in the Pacific District Tournament. The winner of this tournament advances to Nationals which are on the east coast of the US the first weekend of April. However, the competition is going to be difficult - his team will need to beat the LA Selects Bantam AAA. Last two times Robert's team played them the score was 0-11 and unless we get a little miracle...

The same weekend, Matthew's hockey team will be playing in the NorCal Playoffs. The top two teams from this tournament advance to state finals. Matthew's team is currently 1st place in NorCal...we will keep our fingers crossed that the team will continue playing well and advance.

After the season...well, we don't stop as both kids are signed up for spring clinics that will basically take them from the end of March until tryouts in mid-July. If they didn't enjoy it, we would stop and find something else for them to do.

Well, I don't want to bore you anymore, so I will end this post by saying:
Remember....Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa

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Cole said...

Isn't it crazy how the week disappears so quickly??

We're winding up the hockey season here too, my Timbit finished with their Jamboree last weekend and my daughter starts playoffs this weekend. Good luck to your boys for the rest of their season :)