Thursday, February 4, 2010

It is Thursday (my Friday)

Good day readers, it is finally Thursday - which is my Friday. Tomorrow is my day off. Well, I am going to start my post off with some stitching news first...I finished model-stitching the CindyMae design and completely finished it (as a pillow...I think that I can tell you that) and will be getting it into the mail to her today so that she can post it as the finished product when she posts the pattern for sale. I really enjoy model stitching for her, for I feel that it has developed into a wonderful friendship between Cinday and I. I will give you all a heads up when she posts the design "Doggone Days, Doggone Napping."

Now that I can check that off as a Happy Dance, I can move onto my next project:

"A Walk In The Park"
Little House Needleworks
My sister (I have 2 sisters - both younger; the one I am refering to is the one in the middle) made the tough decision of putting her dog down back in December. Max was very old (I think close to 17 years old) and just wasn't getting around very well at all. Because Max had been her friend through all her ups and downs for over a decade, it took my sister a while to come to the decision. So, when surfing, I came across this pattern and decided that it would be perfect (as Max was a black dog with black spots). I started this on Tuesday...and only got the white tree and one park bench done. When I get a alittle further, I will post a status photo.
In addition to this project, I can pick up Mary Wigham again. This is where I have left off:

and that was back in December. She has been calling out my name, but I guess I have been deaf to it. She will get to see the sunlight (hopefully, we are suppose to have more rain) this weekend.

So that is the stitching wise? Well, the boys have had their normal practices this week and are scheduled to play some games over the weekend. Next week, President's Weekend, is the time when Robert (older son) and I will be departing for a tournament in Pittsburgh, while DH and Matthew (younger son) will be heading toward warmer climate in Phoenix. But that is still a week don't need to stress about that travel yet.

Until next time, remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often


Cole said...

So here's a question ~ how do you and DH decide who gets to go to the tournament in a warmer climate, rock paper scissors?? LOL

Enjoy your "Friday" :)

valerie said...

What a nice gift for your sister! I'm sure she will cherish it when you gift it to her. Your Mary is looking fantastic so far!

Angela said...

The LHN chart will make a lovely gift for your Sister :) Have a great weekend!

DaisyGirl said...

Hi Lisa,
I feel for your sister, I am in the same boat. Our dog Brutus is 17 years old and everday, it's a battle to keep him from ruining our hardwood floors. Plus he seizures alot now, so I don't yet know when we will have him put down. It's hard because he is a part of our family.