Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And the season ends...and a new chapter of life starts

Last weekend was the Pacific District Championships for both of my boys (if they did well and won all their games, they would have moved on to Nationals next month). Robert, my older son, re-tweeked his knee and wasn't able to play this weekend - his team lost all their games and their season is done. Matthew, my younger son, had a better weekend. His team won two of their games, lost one and made it to the championship where they lost. Thus, his season is over too. Nevertheless, the weekend started out "cool". In Matthew's first game last Thursday, he got the game winning goal.

1:13 in the 3rd period, the game was tied 3 to 3...Matthew's team had a 5 on 3 penalty kill...Matthew was out on the ice with 2 of his teammates and killed the first penalty. At 33 seconds left in the 3rd, the 4th person entered the ice from the penalty box for the 5 on 4 penalty kill. As Matthew's team was killing the last penalty, one of his teammates tried to clear the puck from their zone. It scooted past Matthew, who caught it near the neutral zone...he skated it in and just stuffed it between the goalies legs (a.k.a "the 5-hole").
Matthew stuffing the puck through the goalie's 5-hole to score the game winning goal
Matthew scored the game winning goal. 
The San Jose Jr Sharks won their first game 4 to 3 with 11 seconds left in the game!
Matthew celebrates as he falls backwards after scoring the game winning goal.
But now the season is it is time to create our new sense of "normal".  Not always the easiest thing though! Spring hockey will start up soon, high school Track & Field will start up...always something.

March also brings announcements from Prep Schools and Colleges for Robert; getting harder to believe that he will be graduating in several months. He received acceptance letters from 2 prep schools (Phillips Exeter Academy and Holderness), waitlisted at 2 and denied from 1. College notices have been coming in too. We have been weighing some of the options for him for next year...and leaning toward prep school at Phillips. They are interested in him playing hockey there, giving him an opportunity to develop further, as well as providing him a post-graduate year to further mature prior to going off to college. It is pretty exciting!

March is also bring some beautiful weather...
blue, blue, green grassy hills. I have been able to go out for some walks lately, trying to get out more as long as my chest doesn't hurt. The coughing has seemed to do some damage to my chest - probably went from the cold to bronchitis, but since there isn't anything that doctors could really do I just have to give my body more time to heal from that nasty cold/cough I have/had.

Anyway...I am rambling, so I should probably sign off. Thank you for sticking around, hoping to get some stitching in to show you soon!

Until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Julie said...

Congrats to Matthew on scoring the game winning goal! That's awesome!!! We have one more tournament and our season is over. Kind of a bittersweet time.