Friday, October 11, 2013

Sad and deep in thought

Pumpkin Heaven
As most of you have heard, the blogging-stitching community has lost a member today - dear Cathey. I was struck with sadness, when I went through my morning routine of checking my emails upon waking up and seeing my "...daily feed" from Bloglovin'. Three new posts in several blogs, all stated the same sad news.

I was amazed at my reaction...I sobbed...the tears flowed easily down my cheeks. My heart ached. Prayers of love were sent to Junior and his father.

I have never met Cathey. I have never spoken, emailed, or texted Cathey. But, yet, there was this connection I felt. After finding her blog many years ago and reading each and every post...all about her stitching projects, her pregnancy and her cancer. If felt like I knew her. She let us into her life and her thoughts.

There is something so wonderful about the internet - how it connects so many of us - near and far. Creating a community.Some days the world seems so big...and other days - very, very small.

So on this day, with a heavy heart - I send my thoughts and prayers to Cathey's family, to her friends and to the blogging community that we all belong to. May her memories live through all of us.

Until next time, my blogging friends...I wish you much love. Take care of yourselves.

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Katie said...

Cathey was just that kind of person. :). Sometimes us local stitching friends wondered if she liked the stitching bloggers better some days. While I knew she was going downhill, I had no idea it would be so fast :/. I find a little solace in the fact she is no longer in pain.