Friday, October 25, 2013

A day off

On Fridays, I typically get a "day off" from the store and take the opportunity to get in a good run (or very long walk). Today I just wasn't feeling up to one of those...just wasn't feeling 100%, so putting on my running shoes and heading out wasn't something that was really appealing to me.

But, since there was a little crispness to the air, I had an itching to make home made bread...honey challah to be exact. My fingers were aching to do some kneading and I was craving some of that nice, fluffy sweet egg bread.

So, down stairs to the kitchen I went to collect the ingredients: eggs, honey, water, flour, oil, poppy seeds and yeast. Since I was in the mood for this activity, everything seemed to go smoothly...the yeast/water/honey mixture seem to bubble...the flour mixed in well and the kneaded dough was smooooooth...
Here is my kneaded ball of dough...ready to rest & rise for a couple of hours.
Once kneaded, the ball of dough got to rest and rise for a couple of hours until it was double its size. Then, I took that big boy and punched it down and kneaded a little more before dividing it up into 6 smaller balls. These balls were rolled out into long "snakes". I grouped 3 "snakes" together and braided them...creating 2 loves of braided honey challah.
A braided loaf with a egg white wash and a sprinkle of poppy seeds
Each loaf was brushed with an egg white wash and sprinkled with poppy seeds. Into a 325 degree oven they went for an hour or so until...

they were golden brown and the crust was crispy & sweet. YUM! And my house smells so good. Wish that I could add the smell of home made bread to my post!

Homemade bread, grilled beef ribs and fresh green beans...the perfect family dinner!

And to end my "day off" I even got in a few X's on LHN Monthly Sampler-March - finished the green grassy hill and got a start on on of the 4 leaf clovers.

Well, I did manage to get in a short walk. Bruno, our 11-year old puppy needed to get out and see if there were any new smells around the neighborhood.

When we got back, he was pooped...that is kind of how I have felt all day.

Well...until next time, take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often

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Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! I wish I could have some. No time to bake here: tennis just ending as hockey already started. And then there's max's soccer. I need to breathe. THe boys look so old and wonderful. Nice to see them and love to all. Jane