Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday afternoon...

I just love these roses that are in full bloom. The rose bush is on my running route and I just felt the need to take a breather..."and smell the roses."


It is Sunday already, which means tomorrow is back to the grind...although in our household many times the weekend is just as busy as the Monday-Friday.

This weekend was hockey tryouts for the boys. Matthew's (younger son) tryouts concluded this morning and he made the Jr Sharks 14aaa team. While we weren't too stressed out about it - it is still reassuring when the list is posted and you see your child's name on it! And...I have volunteered to be his hockey team's team manager. I figure I have been a hockey team manager for over 7 years now...what is another year? 

Robert's (older son) tryouts finish up tomorrow evening. Although the coach called out a few of the kids after the 1st night of tryouts, which Robert was included in, to let them know they were all going to "be signed" (meaning that they made the team) that alleviated any stress we felt for Robert and his tryouts. 

Even though tryouts is early and they really don't start up practices or team events until the end of July/beginning of August, it is nice to have this all over with and things determined for next year. Then, when August does roll around, we only have to deal with all the school stuff.

A little guy I saw while out on my run yesterday. 
Well, I think it is time for my Sunday afternoon nap!

Until next time...remember,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often 
(which I am hoping to do later after my nap).

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