Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And so the week begins...with a little tell & show

Ugh it's Monday...oops, I mean Tuesday. Either way, the week has begun! I had a pretty good weekend - consisted of watching the stores while my DH and younger son, Matthew, were down in LA for a Memorial Day hockey tournament. My older son, Robert and I stayed home. Friday and Saturday I basically worked in one of our stores; Sunday, with a good staff in place, I go the day off; and Monday we closed both stores for the Memorial Day holiday.

Sunday after I got back from a 13.25 mile jog/walk, I helped Robert clean up his room. Not a very exciting thing to do...but it is something that needed done! He has been busy studying and prepping for his SATs and 3 AP subject tests for the last 2 months, during which his desk became buried in school papers, books and other unidentified objects. Now, with the test behind him and school work dwindling  it was a good time to go through the scary pile and weed out the "keep" and "trash". Three hours later and 2 full garbage bags, we found his desk and a few other things that we thought lost.

Once that major undertaking was complete, I did do a little (mind you, very little) house cleaning and then was able to settle down and take out "Sampler Months" by LHN - January and put in some "X's"...

I finished some of the snowy hills and got a start on the pair of cardinals. It is coming along...but for some reason, I really don't like stitching in white. There is just something about white...I find it harder to get the stitches to look "good", to lay "right", to measure up to my sense of "perfection". I don't know if is because of the absence of color or something. Do you have any colors that you have difficulty stitching with?

Anyway, the boys just started up a 4-day-a-week hockey clinic, so I will definitely have a lot of time to sit - so maybe I can get January finished up and move onto February.

Well, time to get a going. Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


cucki said...

Sweet stitches x

Cole said...

White is the color that gets on my nerves as well! I don't know what it is, does it just stands out more? Whatever it is, you're not alone! But your stitching still looks lovely!

Penny said...

Pretty design and lovely stitching! I have the same problem with any light color. :) Enjoy your stitching time!