Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I am still here...

just have been so busy that I haven't made time to sit (period) and when I do sit, I really don't sit very long. For I either feel the need to get up and do something - like keep up with laundry or other house hold tasks. OR, the majority of the time my body tends to go from an upright position on the couch to more of a horizontal one.

I have been putting in a lot of hours working in one of our stores, which lately has been not only covering the employee who has been out on vacation for the last few weeks (she always takes off the last 2 weeks in January to celebrate Chinese New Year); but I have also been dealing with covering several other employees who have been sick, late or just not showing up. Something that my DH and I will need to take care of quickly as we are gearing up for Valentine's day...and there will be a lot of fruit to cut and strawberries to dip!

Today, everyone is back working and I actually have the day off. Probably have the next few days off, which will be good because I will be leaving in 9 days for Quebec Canada with my younger son, Matthew. His hockey team will be attending the Quebec Internation PeeWee Tournament. It is one of the largest, most famous tournaments for this age group. In fact, this is the 54th year of the tournament and many well know hockey players participated in this tournament when they were 12 years old...like Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosbey, Guy Leflur...just to name a few. The neat thing about this tournament is that the kids are paired up with one of their teammates and they actually stay at a house of a Quebec family for the 11 days they are there (so any parents attending stay at a hotel sans their kids). My older son, Robert, participated in this tournament 3 years ago and it was amazing. Still a huge highlight of his life, so far :)

Anyway, between getting ready for Valentine's Day at our stores and the big Quebec trip, life continues to be crazy here!

I did find sometime to work on Santa 2009 over the weekend. Hoping to stitch a few more X's and get a status photo up so I can show you some progress. I know a lot of you are defecting from my followers' list...I know that I haven't checked in and showed much stitching lately...but for those of you who are still here, please know that I appreciate you so much!!!!!

Anyway, had a few moments today, so I thought I would update and check in with some of you. Hope all is doing well! Take care and remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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Catherine's Sewing Corner said...

We all have such busy lives these days and sometimes it's impossible to fit it all in. I'm just glad to hear your news whenever you post some. My daughter has a big gsme this weekend. She plays wheelchair basketball. So that's another of my days taken up!!
Take it easy at your work
x catherine