Monday, January 2, 2012

Getting into the swing of the New Year and my new chapter

Above...the offical
Welcome to 2012 - may the New Year be fruity and sweet!

Yesterday I needed to go into Store #1 for we did have 1 order for pick up on New Year's Day and I wanted to make sure that the customer received the finest, freshest arrangement for his New Year's Day celebration! I love the edible numbers, don't you think that they add something special to the arrangement?

We were only opened from 10am-1pm, so after creating that wonderful bouquet, I continued to do some clean up of our store - some post-holiday cleaning. Taking down the holiday decor and posters and putting up some of the everyday things and pre-Valentines (yes, my friends us retailers do think ahead to get you all to start planning for the next holiday...infact some places have already put out the Cadbury eggs and Easter isn't until April).

Once the store was closed, I headed back home and to the couch. I enjoyed my last hours of bachlorette-hood for all the boys got home in the evening. I picked up Robert from the airport around 6pm and my DH & Matthew drove into the driveway around 8:30pm. No more peace and more empty laundry basket :)

Tomorrow the winter vacation ends for the boys and they go back to school and I start the next chapter of my life - post part-time job. DH and I will figure a schedule out for me to work more in the stores on a daily basis and what my role will be. While I did work in our business while working my part-time job, this will be different. I will have more of a role, but still it will give me more time to get things done at home and be the hockey taxi-driver.

Well...time to go make the best of today - to make it the most Awesomest day :)
Take care my friends...until next time, remember..

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

So nice to hear you actually had some LISA time. Cheers to everyone being home safely and double Cheers to going back to school tomorrow.
Be always in stitches.

cucki said...

so sweet that you found some lovely time..
sending you hugs..
have a lovely week xx

CindyMae said...

I am sure you enjoyed some time to yourself, you deserve it! So excited for you to be starting this next chapter in your life, I am sure that it will be wonderful! Love the arrangement . . .it looks wonderful and oh so yummy!!