Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on a Thursday morning

Up and slowing going this Thursday morning. It is early - 5:00 am - and still very dark outside; but I am up and after 30 minutes of putting in some "X's" on my ornament for Lisa V (September is her month for the Ornament swap...and I am trying to get it stitched and finished not only because it has a long way to travel, but because I know once school starts for the boys and hockey practices, my time for such things will become somewhat limited) I finally got my butt on the stationary bike. I am working my way into the school time routine - up at 4:30am to spin before having to wake up Robert at 6:30am.

This week has fallen into a new routine pretty quick - I go to my part-time job early so that I can leave a little after 12noon to pick up the boys. Matthew has been working as a Junior camp counselor at the afternoon preschool camp again and Robert has started back up with his high school cross country track team now that his hockey clinic is over. While Robert is running and working out with his track team, I have taken that opportunity to dress in my running gear and go for a run around the high school. Tuesday I went 10.5 miles, doing a walk/jog combination and Wednesday I went 13.88 miles. I have to say that going outside to run between the hours of 1-3pm is very warm and probably crazy...that is why I have been including the walking part to my run. I start out running about 7 miles and then get pooped. But it is nice to be outdoors and enjoy some different trails and neighborhoods that I don't normally get an opportunity to investigate.

That should bring all up to date with the goings on here. I hope that you are enjoying life where you are at and whatever you are doing!  Until next time...remember...

Gratitude is one of the great positive emotions because it creates magnetism.
A magnet is that which draws things to itself;
therefore, by giving heartfelt thanks for all the good we now have,
through the magnetism that gratitude creates,
we will start attracting more good into our daily life.
~Elaine Hibbard

Appreciate life instead of resisting it.
~Judy Tatelbaum

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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