Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thinking Thoughts on Thursday

Up early and going on this Thursday morning. Still dark outside at 4am, as I am typing out this post while spinning on my stationary bike. I am not a stranger to this time of the morning, but as I age it gets harder to get my bottom out of bed and on the stationary bike on a consistant basis - so I am definitely grateful when it on a day like today when life is going to be one craziness after another. So if I can get in a good sweaty spin, I seem to have a better outlook on things, which any help I can get it wonderful!

What is different today than other days in my crazy-busy life? Well, Matthew (younger son) was invited at the last minute to a hockey practice with the team that is one year older than he due to missing some kids - either due to last minute summer vacations or the early start to their school year. Anyway, it is an honor to be asked to these kind of situations, so it was hard to pass up. But it does add to the already crazy schedule.

We have also been dealing with DH's car this week. It has had some electrical issues on and off since we purchased it; however when the break and turn lights became effected and DH started to get pulled over and handed warnings about the lights from highway patrol men, we knew it was time to address the issue. So there have been a couple of days lately where we have been down to one car - which posses a challenge of getting the boys to/from their activities, me going to work and DH helping out with *Store #1's* deliveries. Supposively today should be the last day of being a one car family. After the morning hockey practice, we will have to follow DH over to the car place to drop his car and then take him back to *Store #1*. I will have to keep the car because of the boys' activities. Hopefully they can install the last part and have the car ready around 4pm so we can pick it up before I have to drive back down to the hockey rink with Matthew for his evening practice.

Stop...deep breathe...

Friday and through the weekend should be a little more able to rest a little before heading into the last week of summer break. But I am not going to think of next week right now, want to live in the moment and enjoy the rest of this crazy week :)

The nice thing about hockey practices starting up is the time at the rink that allows for some needle & thread to hit fabric. So, that is the benefit of me also getting in my early morning spin - I can sit, relax and stitch this morning while Matthew skates.

Well, I have probably mumbled long enough this morning. I hope that you have a good Thursday! Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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