Friday, August 26, 2011

First week of school (for the boys)...catching my breathe today!

Ahhh...let me catch my breath today, that is all I ask.

The boys have gone back to school this week and I have gone back to work.
The boys have had hockey practice or some sort of hockey related activity every evening and, in a way, so have I.
Due to the boys' hockey activities in the evening, they have had to stay up late to complete their home work...and so have I.
It really has been an exhausting week.

Today, Friday, is my day off from my job and I have been moving in slow motion, or so that is how I feel. I did get the boys around and out the door to school and DH off to work. I did get all the hockey bags emptied of all that stinky hockey gear that the boys forget to take out - and it is all washed and packed for the next hockey practice (which isn't until Sunday).

I did muster up the energy to go out on a 8.9 mile jog, which felt really good. And after I finish with this blog update, I will probably jump in the shower and finish picking up the house to ready it for the weekend.

Getting back into the school routine with hockey practice in the evenings hasn't been too bad, but I just can't believe all the homework the boys have brought home. I, somewhat expected Robert, who is a sophomore in high school this year, to have an hour or so of something - Math, World History, English...but every night this week he has been up working until 12:30am. And even Matthew, who is in 7th grade, has had about 2 hours or so of homework as well.

Now, you have to understand that every evening this week we have had to go down to San Jose (about a 45 minute drive each way) for either a hockey practice or a conditioning exercise activity and thus don't get back home until sometime between 8:30pm-10pm depending on the activity. So that does put off the start of the work until late in the evening. But even so, it is crazy. Tonight, though, we are void of any hockey activities...although Robert will be gone until late this evening due to a high school cross country meet.

Aside from school and hockey, I have been able to find time to finish the stitching of the ornament for Lisa V of the Ornament Swap Group. Lisa's ornament has to be finished and in the mail before Sept. 30. With the stitching complete, I just now need to finish it into an ornament and then get it in the mail. It will be nice to have it completed well in advance of the deadline because life is getting busy again and I don't want to miss a deadline. And the other reason it will be nice to have it completed is so I can get back to Family Sampler :)

Well, before I ramble your ear off, I will close this post for now. Until next time...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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Branlaadee said...

Lisa, I hope you enjoyed your Friday night off! You guys will be back in the swing of hockey and school soon and it'll seem easy again!