Sunday, August 7, 2011

Serene Sunday...well, at least it was at 6:00am before my brain got to thinking

Good morning...or afternoon...or evening.
That is the beauty of blogging, anyone anywhere at anytime can read what you journal. Anyway, it is Sunday morning and I am up and on the stationary bike this morning - hence, that is why I have time to post an entry this morning (multi-tasking and it's best - getting in my spin on the stationary bike while catching up on my facebooking, blog reading and blogging!). Lately I have been doing a lot of running, combining it with my stationary bike spinning, which is why I haven't been getting in as much time for blog posting (hard to run and be on the computer at the same time :)). The last 2 weeks I have put in over 80 miles - 40 per week - I really enjoy it, but I do feel it in the ol' body when I am doing too much. So I think today will just be a spinning day.

Yesterday the mailman brought me the 2011 Halloween edition of Just Cross Stitch
I immediately took it into the house and found a quiet corner to relax and look at all the fun things. There are some really cute halloween projects to stitch; but I am on the fence about halloween items. Back in 2009, I found a pattern called "Trick or Treat" in the October 2009 issues of The Cross-Stitcher Magazine by Designer Ursula Michaels. I fell in love with it - bright colors, glow-in-the-dark Krenik, cute...I started it Sept. 9, 2009 and finished it October 24, 2009

For 2 years this stitched piece has sat in my "done-stitching, but-not-yet-finished" shelf. I came across the fabric I was going to use as the backing, for my intention was to transform this stitched piece into a pillow to display around the fall & Halloween months. I am not the best pillow maker and I am scared to take this stitched piece and the fabric...and ruin them both. So in my closet, with all my stitching stash, they lay -waiting...for me to find courage and take them to the sewing machine...SOME DAY. But the question many "done-stitching, but-not-yet-finished" pieces to you have?

Well, while the Halloween design still lays awaiting, I have been working on both Family Sampler and the Ornament Swap ornament for Lisa V. I have decided to keep them both out on a little table that sits by the couch in the main room where my family congregates. With all the supplies ready to use, I can just pick which project I want to put some stitches in...this has been working well. And while I can't show you photos of the Ornament, I am hoping to have a status photo of Family Sampler soon.

Today will probably be family day at Store #1, for we let everyone at this location have the day off. I will be going in to work in a few hours followed by DH. There are only about 4-5 arrangements to make so far for the day and one delivery, which is what DH will do. Today is also the start of  "Health & Happiness". Take the Pledge of Health & Happiness at any Edible Arrangement stores and get a FREE Pineapple Daisy Pop.

What is the Pledge? Pledge to live more healthy by taking the first step of adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your meals. According to the new USDA food pyramid, which is the shape of a plate, 1/2 of the plate should contain fresh fruit and vegetables. Come to our store, if you are nearby and Pledge:
  • to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables
  • to incorporate a 1/2 plate of fresh fruit and vegetables into every meal
  • to make this change for the rest of the summer and beyond
What is a Pineapple Daisy Pop? To celebrate your life change pledge, we are rewarding everyone who comes in our store (all Edible Arrangement stores are also offering this), signs their pledge card a FREE Pineapple Daisy Pop which is a Daisy shaped Pineapple piece with cantalope melon ball center on a stick. Yummy and good for you!

I wish that you all lived nearer to me to get this yummy treat...and then I could also meet you :)

Well, got to get going. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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