Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is no place like HOME!

There is no place like home!!!!
And ain't that the truth!
We are home, finally! Wow, what a travelling adventure or you can also call it a nightmare. Going to Pittsburgh and then coming home was a pain...but I continue looking on the bright-side of things and note that Robert's team won the championship! They played 6 great games and Robert even scored a goal (that was my Valentine's Day gift from him).  You know, ten years from now, when these 20 boys on this Bantam AAA team look back to the Pittsburgh tournament over President's Day 2010...they may remember that they won the championship - but I have a feeling that those who were on the flight with us last Thursday (Feb. 11) and those who were on the last night will probably remember:

1. Waiting to be de-iced in Dallas and sitting on the plane for 4 hours
2. Arriving in Dallas, tired & starving, but having to veg out at the baggage claim waiting for the rental car offices to open
3. The big sandwiches at Priminti Brothers
4. The wheel chair races at the Pittsburgh airport while waiting to leave
5. Arriving in Dallas, missing the connecting flight and having to go to a hotel
6. Waiting for the hotel shuttle for an hour and playing ninja
7. Sleeping in the horrible hotel, hoping that we didn't get attacked by bed bugs
8. The hustler magazine in the bathroom (I won't even try to explain that one).

Robert and I took today as a "vacation" day after finally getting home. He stayed home from school to get all of his homework done and study for a couple of tests that he missed while in Pittsburgh. I got the laundry done and took a nap. Unfortunately, a cold started to brew while away, so I am hoping that it goes away quickly!

Anyway...I will leave you and thank you all for your thoughts while we were on our adventure. Now, back in town, I hope to get back to my little routine and start stitching so that I can share with you some fun things!
Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Angela said...

Sounds like it really was quite the adventure but I am happy to hear you are safely home! Congrats to your son on winning the championship!

corinna said...

congrats to you all
always good to be home after lengthy/busy trips
feel better

thought of your boys during the gretzky moments during the olympic
opening ceremonies

valerie said...

Glad to hear you guys made it home ok!

Catherine said...

Again - congrats to the team! So glad to hear you are home - i just hope you are feeling better!

I was chuckling at your list of things they will remember - especially the last one!!!

Natasha said...

Ohh my Lisa what an adventure...Happy that you are safe and sound back home. No I will not be going to the GTG I have to work :( but I think I am going to go to the next one. We'll see how my schedule goes.

Anonymous said...

congrats on their win!!! and we've all stayed in "those" kinds of hotels, LOL...not fun for sure!!!!!!!