Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally Friday...

I don't know why, but this week seemed to go by slowing...but it is finally Friday. And on my day off, I won't get a lot of "me" time for it is a minimum day for Matthew who just finished his 2nd tri-mester of 5th grade. But before I get him around 12:40 today, DH and I will have our Friday lunch date. That has become a nice tradition for the last few months. In the past, I used my Friday day-off as a day to work in the classrooms. But now that there isn't that opportunity, DH and I decided to use Friday as a time for us. It is nice to have that time together as our lives are very busy with these two boys.

Speaking of busy, we have our normal hockey activities set for the weekend. Robert has a game on Saturday and practice Sunday morning; Matthew just a game on Sunday. The times in between, DH and I need to sit down and finish up our taxes. Not too exciting, huh? Well, it is going to be a rainy, stormy weekend here so staying home (aside from the hockey activities) is probably what we will end up doing. In addition to taxes, I would like to finish up the model I am stitching for CindyMae and then move on to some exchange stitching...and maybe take MW out of hibernation (her pleading is growing loudly).

Yesterday the boys had their physicals, something that we haven't done for a couple of years. Both are growing like weeds...Robert is now 5'3.5" (he has now surpassed me) and Matthew is 4'10" (yikes, he is not too far behind). I guess I knew that this would happen sometimes, but it seems like just the other day when they were so small that I had to lift them up to bed.

Well, I will end the posting before the tears well up in my eyes - looking back at the infant years of my boys. Hope all have a good weekend!

Live, Love, Laugh and stitch often! Lisa


valerie said...

LOL, my Mary is yelling loudly too! I think it's another 2 weeks before she comes out though. Must finish this gift and a small. Hoping to avoid the rain on my dash to NiaH. Happy weekend!

Branlaadee said...

Lisa, kids sure grow faster and older than us, dont they?? My son turned 18 last week. He's the youngest of my kids an surpassed my height years ago. LOL

Sounds like another full weekend for you! I am heading to Oakland for an errand with my husband and he keeps asking me if I need anything at NiaH so we can stop off there.