Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday - Happiness is...

...the beginning of a new month, homemade costumes, Trick or Treating in the light of the full moon, a Friday afternoon walk, and carving pumpkins with my boys.

Happy November everyone! Hard to believe that we have 2 more months of 2009 left. I hope everyone had a good and safe Halloween. It was a really strange one this year, for it seems that there weren't too many people out "Trick or Treating". I took the boys out about 7pm and we found many houses put out a bowl a candy and left a note saying - "please take one and leave some for others...Trick or Treat." Either they didn't want to be bothered or just weren't home. And even the amount of decorated houses were less than in years past...maybe the economic demons tried to take some of the fun out of the holiday? Well, we didn't decorate either...and we also decided to go with the homemade costumes (let me introduce to you: the ghost of Christmas in the Bob the Builder sheet - the influence for this was Charlie Brown's homemade ghost costume; and on the right, we have either Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer or Famous Amos - your choice).

Nevertheless, we did have a nice time walking around the neighborhood, in the light of the full moon and 70 degree weather. Perfect trick or treating temperature! (BTW...I also find it funny that my boys work so hard to make as many houses as possible to get candy, of which they don't eat and we end up sharing with our co-workers)

Speaking of nice temperatures, I thought I would share with you what our fall looks like here in California. We have 2 seasons. In the late sping/summer time, our trees have green leaves and the hills and grassy areas are brown. In the fall/wintertime, the trees start to turn colors and eventually drop their leaves, while the hills and grassy areas turn green. Seems a little backwards, doesn't it? On Friday afternoon, I walked to pick up the boys from school and took photos with my phone's camera of the scenery:

It was a beautiful warm Friday and the walk really did wonders for my mood - the warm sun warmed my soul and the lavendar and newly blossoming fall flowers smelled wonderful. I also decided to bring the dog along, for I knew the walk would do him good too!

When we got home, the boys threw their backpacks in their rooms while I prepped the kitchen table for pumpkin carving. I cut the main hole in the bottom of the squash, because we use a light bulb to illuminate good ol' jack. The boys took turns scraping out the "yuck" and the "goop", as well as separating out the seeds to bake in the oven. The design for the pumpkin was created by my older son and, again, the influence was Charlie Brown (unfortunately I didn't get a picture).

They had a good time getting the goop out and drawing the design on the pumpkin. When they were finished, the cookies I was baking were out of the oven. So while they snacked on those, I carved the face out. It was a great Friday afternoon.

On a stitching note...Saturday I was able to put the last stitch in my L*K design and then finish the "finish" and even got it in the I made the deadline of November 1 for this round of L*K exchange! Yahoo! Now I am frantically working on 2 models for CindyMae, who, by the way, has a "booth" in the Needle Show Retail (which is going on November 5-8). If you register, you can actually place orders directly with the designers. 

Thank you for visiting and have a nice Sunday! 
Remember....Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa



Branlaadee said...

Looks like everyone had a great Halloween. I love the homemade costumes better than the store bought ones where everyone looks the same. We had a slow Halloween here. I heard parents telling kids to only knock on doors with decorations up. I didnt have anything up, but bought a ton of candy to hand out. Next year, I'll put something on the door.

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

We didn't decorate as much as in previous years. It's been a crazy fall for us and DH was sick with the nasty respitory virus that is going on that left him with ear and sinus infections!

Since I took DS off for the day to the Latin competition (certamon?), we didn't set up as much as we used to.

Not as many trick or treaters here this year as when everything should start, well it rained! More came out later but we didn't have as many as in previous years. I think the rain kept many at home or they didn't go as far. Also, many of the kids in our neighborhood are getting older so fewer trick or treaters.

There was one group who came though with a farm tractor pulling a farm wagon (yes we have farms all around here). They had decorated the wagon with hay bales, Halloween decorations, and pumpkin lights suspended at the top all around. Lot's of fun though the umbrellas were a funny addition! :-)

I'm taking the left over candy in to work this week.

Windy Meadow

CindyMae said...

LOVE the boys costumes!!! They look great! I think that the economic times has gotten lots of people down this year. At least you had a good time and stayed safe! We had a great time too!!

Carolyn NC said...

Glad you all had a good time!