Monday, November 23, 2009

Home from LA and the Hockey Weekend...and a finish to share.

I am hope for the Hockey Weekend in LA. Going down there as  'team' on a bus wasn't too bad...just got a little long last night, when we were all ready to be home. Friday night, we stopped mid-way and pulled out all the food that was brought (bread, meats, cheeses, fruit, veggies, chips, cookies) and had a little picnic on a grassy area by a gas station/convenience store. It worked out really nice. We arrived into Long Beach (southern California) around 10:30 that evening (only making it a 6.5 hour trip...not bad at all). Along the way, we were treated to the basic adolenscent movies...Wedding Crashers, America Pie, etc. Definitely brought back memories of youth group retreats - and Porky's was considered the "bad" movie at the time.

Regarding the hockey games...well the boys didn't do so well. They got shut out (0-11 and 0-12) against one of the top Bantam AAA teams in the nation and lost the third game (3-2) against a team that they probably should have beat. After the 3-2 loss, the coaches were so upset at them and "embarassed", that they felt it was important for the kids to feel that shame. So right after the game, the boys were only allowed to take off their hockey skates and then, in full gear, marched out of the locker room with their bags and sticks...single file throught the hockey rink and right to the bus. Where they had to sit, in gear (gloves & helmet too) in silence until they reached the hotel. It was so quiet on that bus, that us parents were also quiet and felt like we were also being punished. Oh well...did they learn anything? I don't know - for that evening we took them all to dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ (which was a very nice meal) and then they played that 0-12 loss game on Sunday morning.

So that was the extent of the hockey weekend. I did try and take out several different stitching projects I had - one WIP and one new one...but the bus was so bumpy at times, that I decided that it wasn't worth "trying" to work on these, because I had the feeling that I was in the wrong holes the entire time...and I don't need any frog visits during Thanksgiving! So, I decided to work on my ornament exchanges this week when I was back and on less shaker ground! So Angela P and Heather...your ornaments are getting close to being done...I definitely will have them in the mail before December 1!!!

If you made it this far on this "boring" post, your reward is coming. Even though I haven't heard from my L*K 2nd Round exchange partner, I have received permission from the organizers to show what I stitched, finished, and sent...back on October 31. "Gather a Harvest of Love" on 32ct linen using the threads called for.

I did enjoy stitching and finishing it...I hope that it did arrive there and my partner does like it. I have no bad feelings what-so-ever - because I enjoy stitching and finishing...and I have signed up for Round 3 of L*K exchange too!

The boys are already off for the Thanksgiving week. We will probably do our grocery shopping today...for I just hate when the store gets crowded. And, as it is only day one we are already having some attitude issues...gotta love those boys. LOL.

Well...time to sign off. Hope everyone's weekend was good.
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


stitcheranon said...

I dont think I agree with the shame tactic. As a teacher we were told if our students did badly, there was something wrong with the teaching! And generally, as a teacher, that was the case (except the week after Glastonbury: then it was the fault of the music festival). I think they woul dhve been very demoralised as it is and did not really need it pointing out.
I hope they do better next time, with some positive enforcement!

Lovely stitching! you dont need to be shamed do you! Oh I want one hehe.

Angela P said...

Sorry the boys didn't have a great Hockey weekend! The LK exchange is lovely and I'm sure your partner was thrilled I know I would have been :) Thanks for the update on the ornament, no worries!

valerie said...

Sorry to hear the kids didn't do so well. You did a great job on your autumn exchange. I like the little tag on the back. Cute!

Cyn said...

Hi Lisa,

Just caught up on our blog and you all have been busy! As usual... :-)

I can't stitch in a moving vehicle. I don't handle the motion well which has been frustrating as since all of our family is long distance I do have several travel opportunities each year which would be great for stitching. If only I could... :-(

Very pretty LK exchange!
Thanks for sharing. :-)

Windy Meadow

CindyMae said...

TRYing to get caught up on my blog reading! Sorry the games did not go well but at least the trip was not to bad. Your LK exchange piece is so pretty, I love it! Great job.

I can stitch in a moving vehicle if it is not to tiny fabric. But if I tried to read, I will get so sick . . . strange, I know!