Monday, November 9, 2009

Back home and trying to get caught up....but got spoiled instead.

Well, I am back home from the hockey tournament in Chicago. Robert (older son) and I got home at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon...which allowed us to attend Matthew (younger son)'s hockey game, an unexpected joy. We weren't suppose to get home until 10:30pm, but because Robert's team didn't do as well as we hoped, they were done playing Saturday afternoon (for they won 1, lost 2, and tied 1 thus not making it out of their division to play on Sunday) we moved our flight up to the 1pm departure. It got us home early enough to drive home, take the suitcase and hockey gear out of the car and jump back in to hear off to the hockey rink. Glad we got to see Matthew and his team play because they won their game...and Matthew even scored a goal! Way to go Matthew...Way to go Devils!

Even though Robert and his team didn't do well, we still had a good time in Chicago. I even had an opportunity to visit with a member of our Friendship Sampler RR group - April. She, her DH and kids came to the Saturday afternoon game (Dad and kids left for a lunch date, giving us time to get to know eachother). April and I took turns do a "show-and-tell-what-is-in-your-needlework-bag". Boy was her's full of fun stuff!!! She even had a few little gifts for me...lookie what I got to add to my stash:

Several Lizzie Kate patterns and a Pine Mountain July cool is that. Thank you so much April!!! It is opportunities like meet fellow stitchers, that make traveling with the hockey team that much more meaningful.

And while we are talking about fellow stitchers and packages...when I got home last night, there was a package waiting for me on top of the mail pile. It was from CindyMae. "Why would I be getting something form CindyMae?" I asked myself. For I am the one who should be sending her something (like the Christmas Quaker Ornament models that I am just finishing up for her). I opened it up and found this:

It was a Birthday package...Joy to the World pattern, Sekas & Co "A Fall Heart", Sekas & Co. "Watercolour Ghosts",  The Prairie Schooler "M*N*O", Just Nan "Diamond Bouquet", and Just Nan "Needle Story"...and a scissor fob, which she stitched and finished her self with cupcakes on it. I love it...and now I definitely have an excuse to splurge/treat myself to a pair of fancy scissors! Boy, did I get spoiled by my stitching friends!
Now I am trying to get caught up, for I had 5 loads of laundry to wash, dry and fold. Which I have just about put away. This week the boys have Wednesday off due to Veteran's we are planning to stay home and have a cleaning day (each son will be assigned several cleaning jobs). The house needs to be cleaned - so this will be a good opportunity.
Well, that is all I have to share right now...need to go and make some milk shakes for dessert! Take care...and remember to Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often - Lisa


valerie said...

Glad you got home safe and sound and got to enjoy a little family time. Lovely package from Cindy Mae!

Lisa said...

Ooo great stuff to add to your stash!

Mel said...

great gifts!

CindyMae said...

So glad that ya'll did have a good and safe trip. I think that it is awesome to get to meet fellow stitcher's . . . I guess, I have yet to meet one in person! LOL Love your new stash from April! Those are wonderful! I am so happy that you were pleased with your package from me!

Branlaadee said...

I am glad you guys made it home safely and got to see younger son's game.

What beautiful new stash you have gotten. Very lucky.

Angela P said...

Wonderful new stash from Cindy Mae! and what fun to meet a fellow stitching blogger :)

Pumpkin said...

That is some yummy looking stash you have there :oP