Friday, November 13, 2009

A quick catch post...

Hello, thought I would take a moment to post a quick update. This week has flown by actually - hard to believe that it is Friday but TGIF! But it was a strange week since the boys has Wednesday off in observance of Veteran's Day - so I also took it off from work...but the 3 of us worked in the house. I assigned each child a couple of responsibilities (ie dusting window blinds, washing the glass tables, cleaning up their rooms, etc.) while I cleaned the kitchen and the bathrooms. Around lunchtime we were pooped. We only got through 3/4 of the house, but it looks much better. I will attack the other 1/4 some other time.

Last night, Matthew (younger son) and I worked on his heritage visual which consisted of cutting and pasting photos my MIL sent. My in-laws have done a lot of work on their heritage, so I knew that they would be a good source for Matthew's project. The board came out very nice. Lots of fun photos of great-greats from late 1800's.

I just put some finishing touches on the CindyMae Design models of the Quaker Christmas Ornaments and will be getting the models in the mail to her so that she is able to take good photos. My camera isn't good for things like this! I hope that she is ok with the way they turned out. The designs that she created are awesome and I highly recommend that you visit CindyMae Designs and take a look at the Christmas Ornaments - she will have them up soon.

Well, got to run to the post office and meet some other mothers for until next time, remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Chiloe said...

It's so nice you are able to have those pictures !!!

CindyMae said...

Matthews project looks awesome!! Can't wait to see those ornies in person!