Thursday, August 20, 2009

The "TO DO" List - checking off some adding more

Whew...the boys now know their school schedule and teachers and all their paperwork and fee/donations are in the hands of their respective schools. Matthew has an great 5th grade teacher (one that he had last year for adv. math; so he knows her teaching requirements) and Robert seems to have a good 8th grade schedule...meaning 2nd period PE (before lunch, "it is easier to run the mile before you put food in your stomach, mom!") and 2 advanced courses (English and Math). Robert is going to be challenged again this year - he is determined to keep his good grades while being very active in hockey, again this year. Last year he missed 24 days of school due to tournament travel - and also had to balance homework and late night practices 2-3x a week.

CHECK OFF "school registration"....ADD School Supply shopping.

Last night was the first night of dual hockey practices. I took Robert (older) down to San Jose for his practice, as I have accepted the position of team manager so I needed to start the paperwork and the "behind the scenes" organization for the team. It was also good to start meeting all the families (this is a new team Robert is on and I only know 3 out of the 20 families). DH took Matthew (younger) to his practice which is 5 miles from the house. So, the hockey season starts...DH and I sit in separate rinks texting each other about our days and the hockey practices we are watching.

CHECK OFF "get boys ready for hockey season"...ADD get Bantam AAA team registered for upcoming tournaments...ADD organize Bantam AAA team binder, etc.

I didn't get any stitching done at the rink last night, which I am bummed about, but that is how some practices go. I still haven't determined a non-exchange/non-gift project yet to stitch and blog about. Still thinking about that one. But in the mean time, I have been getting emails from the girls in the Friendship Sampler RR and many of them are on the move again. I am currently without one (for new followers...we started out with 18 women in the RR, 1 disappeared holding my RR and another member's RR. I decided to re-start and re-introduce into the mail cycle, the other member unfortunately opted out. So, due to that issue and vacations and other "life" issues, the mailing cycle got a little behind. But those remaining continue to slowly move and grow. Visit the Friendship Sampler RR to view them.)

ADD "find non-exchange/non-gift needlework project"

We are coming up to the weekend...yeah. The last one before school starts. Matthew has a bday party to attend on Saturday and they both have hockey practice on Sunday. But that is ok, for this is the life we lead and it is good!

Take care everyone. Thank you for coming by, reading and commenting. I am grateful for your support. Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa