Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sharing on a Saturday

Good morning (afternoon or evening...depending on where you live or when you read this),
It is Saturday and I was able to get this old body out of bed and on the stationary bike before any other family members were out of bed, and even before the sun came over the hills. This is one of my favorite times of the day and it seems to be a little more difficult lately to get out of bed and have this time for "me".

Car Shopping
Friday evening we started some car shopping. Something that we haven't done in over 15 years! We have a 15 yr old jeep w/150,000 miles (no AC, dead FM radio, a tired that needs to be aired up on Sunday in order to make it through the week, a squeeky front door to a minor crash 5 years ago, scary breaks, etc.). Up until 6 months ago, we also had a 10 year old jeep but it died a sad death and was replaced with a 7 year old volvo purchased from a friend. So, car shopping is something we don't do. However, with the "Cash for Clunker" program still going - long story/short...we decided to take advantage of that and find a new car - something reliable with good gas milege and reasonable (don't really need lots of bells and whistles to increase the price).
We looked at the Mini Coups (cute, but too small, won't fit 2 hockey bags and teenage boys). We looked at Jettas and other VW type cars...the Jetta is a possiblity. We looked at Hondas, specifically the Accourd and a hybrid...we liked the Accord so we did test drive it. We did go to a Toyota dealership, but they didn't seem to interested in assisting us, so after walking around the dealership showroom and sitting in a car for several minutes without getting approached with the sales pitch - we left. So, today, we will probably test drive the Jetta and then make up our mind. It would be nice to get this done and get our clunker our of our driveway and out of our worries.

Stitching News
While I don't have any photos to share with you...I point you to a couple of models I helped stitch for CindyMae, who has posted the patterns for sale on her design site. Visit CindyMae Designs (Cindy's husband is having some heart trouble - so I continue to send my thoughts and prayers to them!).

My focus the last few days has been on my PS exchange. I hope to finish stitching it this weekend so that I can work on finishing it and getting it in the mail by next Friday. It has a long way to go and I don't want my exchange partner disappointed.

Random Positive Thoughts...being sent to...
It is interesting how "close" I feel to so many I have "met" by reading their blogs - something I started to do last November (2008). Most mornings, I get up between 4 and 6 am, hop up on my 18 year old stationary bike with a 10 year old lap top placed on the book attachment. Once I get the bike going, the computer on and my emails checked - I open another tab on my internet explorer and start scrolling through my booked marked blogs that have become a routine to read.

As I make my way through each and everyone - I see that some have new posts and some haven't posted for a few weeks or a month. New post or not, I continue to scroll down - stopping to read a new post, to leave a comment, maybe even take a moment to "visit" a new blog suggested by the one I am currently visiting.

Over time, I feel that I have come to know some of the people behind the blogs; enough so that my heart breaks when they come into hardship or sickness...or I find myself leaping for joy when they finished a wonderful project or their child learns a new lesson. I have visited far away places with some of the bloggers through their trip photos and stories or enjoyed learning about different lifestyles when bloggers share their daily life stories.

At this time, some of my blog friends are experience some troubles and I would like to send out my thoughts and prayers to them and their family...CindyMae, Beth, Angela. I know others whose blogs I read who are experiencing some hard times and my heart goes out to them too. Take care everyone! Know that you are thought of and loved by more than you can imagine

Have a good weekend everyone! Remember to Love many, Live now, Laugh often and Stitch!


valerie said...

Great job on CindyMae's models! I saw them on her blog. Good luck car shopping. I saw the Jetta and it's really nice!

Natasha said...

I have been waiting for Cindy to post the model. Cant wait to pop over there and check it out.

I know what you mean about forming friendships through the blogs, and it is even nicer meeting the same people in person :)

Take Care and good luck in finding a car.

Carolyn NC said...

Great job, Lisa - good luck with your car!

CindyMae said...

Lisa, you my friend are just simply fantastic!!! Thank you for the thoughts and prayers, you have no idea how much they mean to us right now!!

I feel the same as you do. I have come to know so many wonderful people through my stitching/blogging! I have so many people all over the world that I consider friends and very dear to my heart, you being one of them! Thank you for your friendship!

Chiloe said...

Jeez, can't believe that in a crisis a car dealership will let their customers leave ... guess they are selling enough cars ... Hope you find one that you like ;-)

You should use a google reader or Bloglines to follow the updates on your blog: it's very easy to use !!! I love mine: I never miss a post ;-)

Hope your friends feel better soon ;-)