Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mid-week Madness - prepping for school and the hockey season

Well, I find myself at Wednesday...and I am thinking that I better find something to stitch that is not a gift, a model or a exchange so that I can start posting photos of stitching. However, that isn't going to happen today - so bear with me.

I have to post how proud of my boys - as I posted, yesterday I went into work to meet with my boss. However, since school hasn't started yet and the summer camp is over, the boys stayed home by themselves. I know that the boys are old enough to stay home by them selves...for when I was 12 years old I actually had a babysitting job. But since we have never left them home alone for longer than an hour of so, it was a little unsettling. I am grateful that my boss (and her boss) are very supportive of my lifestyle (and I make sure that I do not take advantage of my "flexible" part time hours either) - for I went in yesterday around 8:30 and then came home for an hour around lunch time (to check on the boys and make sure they ate lunch) and then went back to work. Everything went fine and they got along while home w/o me and DH. Good Job boys.

Today is check in at each of their schools. As soon as all the paperwork and fees are paid (donations for the schools and other things), each kid will receive their teacher list. There is always a little anxiety built around that - hoping that your child gets the best teacher(s). However, in our family we just try to make the best of who ever our child gets and work with them to make sure that the year is successful.

Tonight both Robert (older) and Matthew (younger) have hockey the same time...but at two different rinks. Robert's practice is in San Jose (40 minute drive south of here) and Matthew's practice is here in Dublin (a 10 minute drive). Well, since I have accepted the team manager position on Robert's team again, I will be taking him to practice tonight so that I can get all the copies of the teams' paperwork. This will be the 4th year I have volunteered for this position (so it has become "old hat"). One of the main responsibilities of the team manager is to organize and maintain the team binder, which is filled with all the necessary documents allowing the boys to play on this team. So I have just be come the official "Bantam AAA Binder Babe" - and I am damn proud :) At least with this team, there seems to be plenty of families who are willing to help out with some of the other tasks (like travel arrangements, activity planning and so on)...but like I said, I have done this stuff for several years and, while it tends to become a full time job, I do enjoy it (does that sound strange?).

Well, if you made it to the bottom of this post, I give you a lot of credit and thank you for reading and visiting. Take care of yourselves and hope you'll visit again...soon.

Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


valerie said...

That's great that the kids got along and everything was fine. Sounds like your crazy and insane schedule picks up really soon. Wow, time flies! Hope the boys enjoy their first day of practice. :)

Cole said...

Kudos to the boys for their great job on staying home... and getting along!!

I know exactly what you mean about the volunteer hours becoming a full time job... I have two in hockey as well, one novice and one atom. Plus a dancer! A mother's job is never done, is it??

Have a fantastic day!