Friday, August 7, 2009

It is Friday! Ya-hoo! Today my older son though he was going to a water park with some of the Jr. Leaders from the camp he has been volunteering at-kind of a celebration they do at the end of the summer. However, he got the days mixed up and the event was actually yesterday. He was bummed. "guess that is why everyone was surprised when I showed up at camp yesterday" he said this morning when we got back home. Oh well, I guess he can chalk this up as a learning experience!
So I tool him and younger son to the pool after lunch. They have it all to themselves...and I am enjoying the warmth of the sun while I work on my PS exchange. Nice day to sit outside and stitch.
Have a nice Friday!:-D


CindyMae said...

I hate to get my days mixed up and miss something like that! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lee said...

Lisa - Have you seen the 2009 PS Santa? I think you'll like it!